Best 14-inch Band Saw 2020 (Top Picked)

Band saws are used by specialty woodcutters and businesses all over the country. The tool might be heavier and bulkier compared to table saws, but they are known for providing quality precision cuts every single time. Band saws are much more versatile and very easy to operate compared to a table saw.

It does not matter whether you have your own woodshop, or you are a DIYer who loves woodwork, owning the best 14-inch band saw will help transform your experience. Ask any carpenter and those who have been in this business for decades, they are most likely to say that the first equipment they’d ever think of to cut wood is a band saw.

Band saws are used for performing varieties of woodcutting, which makes this tool a must-have piece of machinery at your workshop. A 14-inch band saw, in particular, is the one for an expert professional. If you need a tool that can handle some of the complex and intricate woodcutting jobs, then you need one of the best 14-inch band saws for the job. All kinds of large and bulky woodworking tasks can be completed with ease using this particular saw.

A 14-inch band saw will let you cut through even thicker hardwood like a piece of cake. These band saws come equipped with large capacity motors and larger premium quality blades, which make them tackle even some of the toughest cutting duties. There are plenty of 14-inch band saws manufacturers in the market and finding the best pick for your needs is crucial. Let us discuss some of the top products before discussing a simple buying guide.

Top 7 Best 14-inch Band Saw 2020

1. JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Band Saw


The JET JWBS-14DXPRO is one of the best 14-inch band saws in the market. The brand is highly regarded as one of the best high performance saw equipment manufacturers in the industry. This band saw is powered by a 1-1/4 HP motor, which runs the 105 inches long cutting blade. It is constructed using cast iron, thus making it one of the reliable and long-lasting band saws in the market.

The overall weight of this particular product is 258 pounds, which is in line with most of the band saws in the market. This is not a portable band saw, so don’t even think about moving it. But, this is the perfect machinery for your workshop considering the quality and performance that it is capable of delivering.

Just like in most of the modern-day band saws, even this one comes with a retractable blade guard. This means you have the option of cutting all kinds of wood no matter how long, big or strong they are. The design and construction of the saw allow it to stay stable even after hours of operation. The stability and control delivered by the saw help you make precise, smooth, and clean cuts all day long.

For making blade adjustments, you have the bearing wheel guide. The storage is also handy and allows you to store the different blades, cutting tools and accessories. If you are going to handle a lot of heavy-duty tasks that need to be completed with precision within a stipulated time frame, this is the saw to have.


2. Delta 28-400 Band Saw

Best 14-inch band saw

Delta is another leading manufacturer in the power equipment and tools manufacturing industry.  They are in this business for a century now, which tells you more about the brand’s reliability and quality. The Delta 28-400 14-inch band saw does pack in a punch, both in terms of performance and quality. It is powered by a 1HP motor; this motor can be run at two different speeds, i.e. at 1620FPM and 3340FPM. You can set the motor to deliver 1620 FPM for most of the wood cutting duties. The higher speed rating can be set for cutting non-ferrous metals.

The Delta 28-400 uses a steel frame design construction. The steel used in its construction comes under the heavy-duty category, as a result of which stability during operation is guaranteed. The steel frame’s fit and finish is immaculate and makes it look high quality. The table where the band saw is positioned is made using aluminum trunnion, which is one of the durable products. The 9 spoke wheels that are responsible for blade tracking are made of aluminum and come with a rubber coating on both the upper and lower wheels, which are again precision balanced, hence precision is guaranteed. The design and construction allow you to perform large capacity cutting jobs with ease.


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3. WEN 3966 – 14″ Band Saw


WEN power equipment is known for providing user-friendly yet powerful cutting performances. The WEN 3966 14-inch band saw, in particular, is one of the most user-friendly saws in the market. Even an amateur or DIY professional can make use of this equipment to finish their projects efficiently. At just 156 pounds, it is one of the lightest band saws available today. The motor block is a 9.5A one and it delivers ample power to cut wood that is 13-3/8 inches wide and even capable of going depth of 8.85 inches in cutting. The two speeds on offer are 1480 FPM and 3280 FPM. This allows you to perform different cutting tasks across different materials.

The smaller dimensions and lightweight characteristics of this unit make it an ideal band saw for workshops that are tight in space. Most users utilize this saw for handling resawing jobs. Using this saw, you could perform resawing up to 6 inches. The ability to allow multiple blades and different speed settings make it a perfect choice for a wide range of jobs.

There are a lot of convenient features included as a package here, which include a sturdy work table, reversible work light, cutting guide, blade tension gauge, miter gauge, and fence. The blade guide used in the saw is useful in ensuring accuracy and occupational safety. The sturdy table allows you to cut 45º bevel cuts with precision. There have been complaints regarding the reliability of the saw and its adjustments.


4. Grizzly G0555LX Bandsaw


Grizzly is also a popular brand in the power tools industry, and this particular model, the G0555LX Deluxe, is one of the affordable 14-inch band saws offered by the brand. The company has made sure to pack in a lot of features into this saw without costing much. Some of the features on this saw will make you wonder how come those are available at a low price. Cast iron frame construction makes it one of the sturdiest saws around.

However, this construction also makes it heavier, keeping the overall weight of the product at 247 pounds. The 1 HP motor packs a punch, along with the 93.5 inches blade, which ensures precision cutting. If you are having a lot of light wood and metal cutting tasks and cannot afford much, then this is the product for you.

Make sure to allocate space for this heavy machinery, because you won’t be able to move it. The fence is made of aluminum for added durability, and it also comes with a miter gauge and magnifying window, allowing you to perform adjustments easily. The wheels made of cast iron can be controlled using a computer, thus enabling you to make precision cuts all the time.

This saw might not be the best choice for heavy-duty tasks, but for the price that it is being offered, it does a whole lot of cutting than any similarly priced product. If you are into extensive resawing, then you must purchase a riser to complete such tasks.


5. JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch Band Saw


JET is a renowned company known for manufacturing and marketing high-quality precision wood cutting equipment and the 708115K JWBS-14CS is one of those products. The cutting capacity of this saw is 6 by 13-1/2 inches and most of the users should find this well in the performance range they always need. One aesthetic difference about this band saw compared to other ones is that here you’d find an enclosed stand, which is neat and blends well with the overall design of the equipment. The tilting table allows you to change the cutting angle by 10º left and 40º right.

The 1 HP motor runs at a speed of 3000 SPM, which is great even for some heavy-duty woodworks. The table is made of cast iron and the overall weight of this tool is 190 pounds. The polymer blade used in this band saw is impregnated by the graphite. The dust collector works seamlessly in making sure that all the cutting dust gets collected in one location, thus ensuring a clean workstation. It has decent power to handle resawing and a few heavy-duty tasks. This is not a heavy-duty workhorse but is one of the best equipment to have in your garage or home.


6. Laguna Tools MBAND 1412-175 Band Saw


Laguna Tools is yet another well-known power equipment, tools, and accessories manufacturer for wood and metal cutting jobs. A lot of their products are top sellers and used by some of the best carpenters and DIY enthusiasts in the country. The MBAND 1412-175 is a great 14-inch band saw to have in your garage or home workstation. This equipment is powered by a 1-3/4 HP motor, which is more than enough for finishing most wood cutting tasks. If you are mainly going to be resawing a lot, then this is the product for you.

The product has a resawing capacity of 12 inches, which is great for all kinds of resawing jobs. The ability to set the motor in two different settings lets you resaw even some of the bulky wooden boards. In terms of durability and structural support to handle even heavy-duty tasks, it comes fitted with a steel frame along with a table made of cast iron.

The tracking window allows you to ensure precision. The only bummer is that you can use blades only in the size range of 1/8 to 3/4 inches, which is not great. For cutting wider wooden boards, this might not be the suitable band saw. It weighs around 267 pounds and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


7. RIKON Power Tools 10-324 Bandsaw


RIKON is another renowned brand in the wood cutting industry and the Rikon 10-324 is one of the high-quality open stand 14-inch band saws in the market. Just like most of the RIKON Power equipment, even this one turns out to be a great value for your money. The motor used here delivers a power output of 1-1/2 HP and a resawing capacity of 13 inches. The blade length is 111”, which should help you handle cutting jobs of both wider and thicker wooden blocks. At a weight of 258 pounds, this is heavy machinery that requires an exclusive spot in your garage.

The rip fence is tall, which helps to make your fabrication tasks smoother. The blade guides on both ends, upper and lower, are adjustable, allowing you to make accurate cuts as per the project demand. The blades can be changed quickly, thanks to the overall design. A lack of a miter gauge might be a concern for some. The blades that you get with the saw are not of high quality, so make sure to have some money to spend on some premium blades. But, considering the price of this equipment and the features that you get with it, most customers find it comforting in many ways.


14-inch Band Saw Buying Guide

As mentioned in the beginning, 14-inch band saws are expensive and bulky. The cutting performance and versatility in different cutting jobs make this one of the most desirable band saws to have in your garage or workshop. In order to find the best 14-inch band saw in the market, you need to understand some basic guidelines, which should help you find the most desirable and worthy piece of equipment that best fits your purpose.

  • Purpose – A 14-inch band saw can be used for handling different cutting jobs. Some for resawing, some for cutting wider boards, cutting thicker wood, and much more. Every single piece of equipment we have discussed so far has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are stronger in resawing, some in cutting wider blocks of wood, and so on. This should help you find the best one for your job.
  • Frame – It is always better to choose a band saw that is constructed with a cast iron or steel frame. Plastic frames are fragile and cannot handle heavy-duty jobs.
  • HP – Power delivered by the motor determines the level of grunt you can get from the machinery. Higher the HP rating, better would be the range of cutting. Some models even come with 2-speed settings, which should be useful in handling both simple and heavy-duty cutting jobs. If you are an extensive user, then go for a high power motor, but for simple tasks, a small power motor should be more than enough.
  • Throat – The throat size of the band saw will only determine the maximum job width you could handle using the tool. If you are going to be cutting wider wooden blocks, then you have to own a bandsaw that has a large-sized throat.
  • Blade – The quality, size, and width of the blade will determine the quality of cutting tasks you’ll be able to handle. Affordable models might not come with a wide array of blade options, nor are they of premium quality. Blades with a larger girth are used for rough cuts, whereas a narrow one is used for precision cuts, so make sure you know your blades.
  • Table – The material used in its construction will determine the quality and work you could handle with the equipment. Common materials used in a table are steel, cast iron, and aluminum. A cast-iron or steel frame will give you good reliability, whereas aluminum makes the saw lighter. The size of the table will determine the work surface area, so for heavy-duty tasks, a larger table is necessary.
  • Weight – If you have ample space, then go for a sturdy heavyweight 14-inch band saw, which is quite easy to find. A lightweight one is for those who have a cramped workstation, but remember, you won’t be able to achieve the same level of cutting precision using a lightweight model.

Apart from these factors, you might also want to check for features such as rip fence, safety switch, tracking mirror, work light, storage space, blade guide, blade switching mechanism, and so on. Apart from the key features, even some of these minor ones added on top might play a role in decision-making, so take everything into consideration. A reliable, sturdy, affordable, feature-packed, and best-performing 14-inch band saw should always be a crowd puller.


A 14-inch band saw is not your ordinary wood cutting machinery, so make sure to give it some serious thought before making a commitment to buying one. We have given you all the information that should help you buy the right and best 14-inch band saw for your workshop or garage. There are a few top-of-the-line models too, which have been reviewed just to give you a clear picture of what you can expect.

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