7 Best Cordless Jigsaw – 2020 (Expert Picked)

Jigsaw is one of the most important power tools that help the user in making a wide range of cuts, such as complex angle, straight, or even an intricate cut on wooden or metal surfaces. Jigsaw has always been one of the go-to power equipment for professionals who are working in the wood cutting business.

Some construction sites tend to prefer these tools over the other mainly for the security they provide. Finding the best cordless jigsaw will make you feel relaxed and surefooted since you can be sure to complete your job on time using the right power equipment.

Lightweight frame, compactness, portability, and most importantly, resilient blade, all of these features make this a widely preferred and owned power equipment amongst carpenters, furniture makers, DIYers, and enthusiasts. Corded and cordless are the two types of Jigsaws available in the market.

Cordless jigsaws, in particular, are versatile and convenient, since they can be carried around anywhere without worrying about cables. Even when you are cutting or working, you don’t have to worry about the cable getting in the way or you tripping, which can lead to a major safety concern.

Cordless jigsaw can be used to cut a wide range of materials and not just wood. By changing blades, you can use the best cordless jigsaw to cut metal, ceramic tile, plastic, etc. This device is so compact and minimalistic that there are hardly any parts to talk about.

Though these models might not be delivering high power like a corded one, they are no muck either. Without any further discussion, let us concentrate on some of the top cordless jigsaws available on the market, before moving on to the buying guide.

Top 7 Best Cordless Jigsaws 2020

1. DEWALT DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw


DEWALT is a leading brand in power tools manufacturing and the company’s products are known for its reliability, functionality, and overall performance quality. The DCS331B is one of the reliable models in the category available in the market. The battery pack is 20V Li-ion setup and it can churn out a maximum of 3000 SPM. Using this model, carpenters can cut wood that is 1-1/2 inches thick. Bevel cuts can be achieved at different angles, such as 0º, 15º, 30º and 45º.

DCS331B is an affordable cordless jigsaw from a reputed brand, so most users would be tempted to buy it right away. But, it is important to note that there are different buying options, such as tool alone, the battery alone, blade set, tote, and the complete set. Make sure to know this when you buy because you don’t want to get disappointed.

The 4-position orbital action provides excellent cutting power. Blade changing can be done without the need for any key, so swift and accurate replacements can be done. Blade stop acts as a safety feature and lets you stop the blade instantly. An LED light would have been a better addition, as it can improve visibility and support precision cutting.


2. Makita XVJ03Z Cordless Jigsaw – Best Value


Makita is another leading brand in the power equipment, tools, and accessories business. The Makita XVJ03Z is one of the best cordless jigsaw models that are sold as a tool separately and also as a complete kit. The kit is pricey compared to other similar jigsaw kits, but the tool is well worth it. The 18V LXT Li-ion battery pack can deliver maximum strokes per minute rating of 2600.

It can be used to cut even aluminum that has a thickness of 25/32 inches. The most interesting feature in this model is the variable speed trigger, which allows you to run the jigsaw at two different speeds for different tasks.

The base is constructed using precision-cut heavy gauge material, which provides stability and control throughout the cutting process. The unit, on the whole, weighs just 5 pounds, so you’d hardly notice it when held in your hand. A bevel cut of only 45º can be done using this saw. The LED light allows you to focus on the cutting process to ensure precision.

Blades can be changed within seconds without the need of any tool. The 3 different orbital settings give you the possibility of cutting through different types of materials. There is no dust port, but the machine comes with a built-in dust blower. In terms of safety, computer monitoring ensures that the cordless jigsaw runs at the optimum conditions at all times without any spikes or overload.


3. DEWALT DCS334B 20V Cordless Jigsaw


The DCS334B is one of the latest models launched by DEWALT, taking inputs from existing customers on the areas that need improvement or developments. The 20V Max Li-ion battery pack runs the brushless motor into delivering great cutting performance. The overall design of this jigsaw is compact, so holding and cutting it should be comfortable all day long.

Precision and control are two of the key attributes of a cordless jigsaw and this has both. The LED light is super-bright, thus giving you excellent visibility even during low light conditions. This allows the professional to work even in dull lighting conditions, which might be the case when you are on a tight deadline.

Just like some of the available models, even this one has a speed trigger that can be varied, and it also comes with a dial to fine-tune the speed that you are looking to achieve from the jigsaw even more precisely. The lever-action blade changing feature supports quick and accurate blade changes.

It can be used for 4 different angled bevel cuts, from 0 to 45º, and the bevel stop mechanism is accurate. The product comes as a complete unit and includes a charger, hard case, tool, and a battery pack. However, this jigsaw is expensive compared to other models.


4. Bosch JSH180B 18-Volt Cordless Jigsaw


Bosch products scream quality and standards, which is exactly what you’d get in the JSH180B model. Compactness and convenience are two of the most highlighting features of any best cordless jigsaw.  Compared to other offerings in the category, this is almost 30% lighter in weight, and in terms of dimensions, it is 10% smaller, making it one of the compact models.

This will ensure that the professional could hold and complete his or her work without facing any fatigue. Just like most of the models here, even this one has a T-shank lever to safely change the blade within a few seconds. The unit weighs just 4.05 pounds, so you should have no problem carrying it along for your job.

The 18V Li-ion battery pack powers the motor to run at a no-load SPM rate of 2700, which is quite good considering how compact and lightweight the tool is. The stroke here is one inch and it comes with 4 different orbit settings for performing accurate cuts.

The LED light illuminates your workstation for safe and precise cutting. The dust blower ensures that the cutting region is kept clean to maintain accuracy throughout the job. But, note that the product does not come with a charger and battery pack.


5. PORTER-CABLE PCC650B Cordless Jigsaw


The PORTER-CABLE PCC650B is the one for DIYers, home enthusiasts, and those who love to cut wood, metal, etc. as a hobby project. The affordable price tag and feature specifics that are more than enough for a home-based user is what makes it one of the go-to cordless jigsaws right now. The battery pack is 20V Li-ion and delivers a maximum output of 2500 SPM.

You can cut a 1.5-inch thick copper pipe using this portable jigsaw. The weight is just under 5 pounds, which puts it well in the range of most of its competitors. Simply purchase the tool available at a cheap price and throw in a 20V Li-ion battery pack, which is sold separately and you have a viable tool to work with.

Such a price advantage does not mean the company has cut corners in developing it. The speed and cutting capacity we have mentioned above show that this is one of the top performers. The blade release functionality without any tool is kind of an industry standard and this one has it. For more cutting options, you have 3 different orbital settings.

The variable speed trigger allows you to control the cutting process to be precise. The bevel can be adjusted to 45º for making accurate cuts. The blade angle can be changed only with the use of an appropriate tool, and it does not come with LED illumination, which are the only two minor drawbacks we have found. Other than that, this is the perfect cordless jigsaw for beginners, enthusiasts, and DIYers.


6. BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C Cordless Jigsaw


BLACK+DECKER is a pioneer when it comes to power equipment and tools, thanks to its innovative design, superior build quality, and high performance. The BDCJS20C is one of the most affordable, compact, and convenient cordless jigsaws you could ever need.

Though the battery pack for this unit is a 20V Li-ion one, you could use any Black+Decker battery pack you might have around in your workshop, which means you could simply buy this tool and do not spend a dime on the battery.

The battery can run the motor at a top speed of 2500 SPM. The saw has a stroke length of 3/4”, which is a bit shorter compared to another longer 1” models. In terms of weight, it is 5.5 pounds, but the compact design allows you to carry it easily.

This is a saw tailor-made for beginners and those who are simply looking for a cordless jigsaw to handle projects in and around their household. Even if this is your first Black + Decker tool, you would have no problems, because it is sold as a complete kit. You get the tool, battery pack, and charger at an affordable price.

The ability to use both T and U size blades makes it a versatile jigsaw. Tool-less blade replacement adds to the convenience quotient of the product. Bevel cuts at a 45º angle can be done in both directions. The lack of a LED light, shorter stroke length, and battery life are its shortcomings.


7. Ryobi One+ P523 Cordless Jigsaw

Ryobi One+P523

Ryobi is a well-known brand; if you are in the wood cutting business, then you should be aware of this company for sure. An amateur might not be able to know that, but the Ryobi One+ P523 is a well-built, strong, and durable cordless jigsaw. It is sold as a mere tool and blade.

The 18V Li-ion battery pack should be bought separately. The 4 orbital speed settings allow you to cut any material. The 3000 SPM power output ensures that you have a smooth and precise cut every single time. The D shaped handle makes holding and operating comfortable even for long hours.

You can set the speed at the highest setting for cutting wooden materials and at the lowest for handling metal. The trigger lock allows you to lock the speed in one setting and start focusing on the cutting job ahead. If you are going to perform consistent repetitive cuts, then this safety feature is a great one to have. LED work light makes sure that the cutting area is clear for great visibility.

The dust blower ensures that all the dust collected is removed from your line of sight. The footpad is adjustable; thus, you can use the full length of the blade for performing different cutting duties. The only bummer with this cordless jigsaw is that it does not come with a tool-less blade replacement mechanism. You won’t be able to use every jigsaw blade in this product, so make sure to have the appropriate blade.


Cordless Jigsaw Buying Guide

Cordless jigsaws add convenience and portability to your job. The ability to carry them along without looking for a power socket makes them an attractive option, especially for contractors who are always on the move. Expert professionals often own multiple battery packs to ensure that their saws run consistently. Let us have a look at some of the factors that, as a buyer, you should look at to find the best cordless jigsaw. This guide will help you differentiate between the essential and non-essential features offered by the jigsaw, so you know what to consider.


The power output delivered by a cordless jigsaw will be dependent on the battery pack and the motor used in the saw. Some models or brands come with a universal battery compatibility feature, whereas most don’t. Depending on the model or brand you buy, this will vary, and if your jigsaw has a specific battery pack requirement, then be sure to stick with it. Once this is done, you should look at the speed or performance output delivered by the saw. Cordless jigsaw speed is rated as strokes per minute.

Most of the jigsaw models we have discussed are capable of delivering a speed rating somewhere in the range of 2400 to 3000. Few models might deliver higher performance, which can be used for cutting thicker wooden materials. Make sure to understand this and find the best unit that delivers speed in a specific range that your job demands.


The type of blade that can be used in the tool determines the cutting that you could extract out of it. T- and U- Shank are the two different types of blades found in some of the good cordless jigsaw models. Some models support both these types of blades. Most of the tool-less blade replacement models have T-shank blades in them because U-shank needs a tool for replacement. Most models don’t come with blades with them, so if you are an amateur, remember to purchase a complete kit.

Most users might be happy with a T-shank blade, as it is the most convenient of the two. The type of blade will determine the type of material you could cut with it. The different types of materials are high carbon steel, high-speed steel, bi-metal, and carbide. Be sure to check the cutting properties of each of those blades to select the right one for your job.

Stroke Length

The distance covered by the blade to complete one stroke is determined as stroke length. If you will be cutting thicker wooden blocks, then you should have a jigsaw that has the longest stroke length. For thinner materials, stroke length can be shorter, so it is all up to the cutting you are going to handle.

Variable Speed Trigger

Some models we have discussed above come with this feature, which allows you to set the power output of the jigsaw at a specific setting. A lower speed should be used for cutting metals, whereas a high-speed setting can be used for hardwood. Some even come with a dial to fine-tune the speed adjustment in order to be more precise and accurate.

A trigger lock found in some models allows you to lock the speed at a specific level, which is great, especially for consistent and repetitive cutting duties. A lock also eases your hands from stress, which is key for those who work long hours.


Furniture makers, carpenters, and home furnishing professionals use a cordless jigsaw for its sophistication and wide range of cutting capabilities. Most of the cutting jobs require you to adjust the blade and even bevel angle. In such a scenario, owning a jigsaw that comes with a tool-less bevel and blade adjustment should be a treat. Such a benefit will help you save a lot of time, which is valuable for a professional. Tool-free blade adjustments are provided in most saws, but a tool-free bevel adjustment can be found only in some models.

Orbital Settings

We have discussed this feature in some models of cordless jigsaws in the reviews section. This is a feature that allows you to have added control over the cutting performance in addition to the variable speed trigger functionality. Orbital settings are nothing but circular-cut settings, wherein the jigsaw will cut in a slight circular manner.

You could then adjust this motion in accordance with the material you are cutting. This improves efficiency in the cutting process. Different orbital settings provide different cutting angles i.e. if you set it at 0, you could make straight cuts, and similarly, a different setting for circular, elliptical, and so on.

Dust Control

As with any other saw, the point of cutting the material is where all the dust collects, and in the case of a cordless jigsaw, sawdust collection will hamper your visibility, as this is a compact machine and you need every possible solution to give you good visibility. Most of the models we have discussed above come with an automatic dust blower. A dust collector or port can be found in only some models. A dust blower is a must since this will help you cut with precision.

Bevel Cuts

If you are going to use the cordless jigsaw predominantly for making accurate bevel cuts, then you should own one with a wide bevel cutting range. Few models allow you to make only 45º bevel cuts. You should be using a jigsaw that offers all the different bevel cuts from 0 to 45º. Some of you might not be using more than the standard straight 90º and 45º bevel cuts, and for those users, this might not be a huge problem.

LED Illumination

One of the handy accessories, or as we’d like to call it, a safety and precision feature of the cordless jigsaw, is the LED light. Most of the models reviewed above come with an LED light apart from some. The cutting line should be visible in order for you to cut accurately, and for that, an LED light and dust blower are mandatory. The ability to cut anywhere using the saw is its number one selling point, so having an LED light should only increase that value.

Battery Life

When compared to a corded jigsaw, cordless models are going to run out of gas pretty soon, which is a given. Most users who buy a corded jigsaw know this factor already, which is why the life of a battery does not play a major role in the decision-making process. We’d like you to consider this as well because every last cutting performance you could eke out of the jigsaw is only going to benefit you in the long run. You can carry additional fully charged battery packs for long shifts.


A solid grip design and the handle are necessary to ensure that you have complete control over the jigsaw even at the end of a long shift. Most manufacturers consider this a priority and have designed their jigsaw handles to be both ergonomic and comfortable. Cushioned D-shaped handles allow you to hold and work with the saw consistently. The anti-slip feature will also help prevent accidents.


The price of any power equipment has always been a deciding factor, especially for DIYers, amateur woodcutters, and home users. There are quite a lot of well-priced, feature-rich models on our list. Even some exciting affordable ones are there, so make sure to know your affordability so that you don’t end up in a loss. An expensive model, which has longevity and excellent performance is also a good buy.

We have discussed in detail all the key features that you should consider. Apart from that, you also get some added beneficial features, such as a quick stop, on-tool storage, etc. The quick-stop functionality is a great safety feature to have, as it stops the blade instantly, thereby protecting you in case of accidents. Even in case of falls or slips, the anti-stop feature will not harm you and your cutting material.


We have provided you with all the information you’d ever need to buy the best available cordless jigsaw from the market for your work. There are strengths and weaknesses in every single one of the corded jigsaws we have discussed above. Finding the right one will completely rely on your job requirements, budget, cutting capacity requirements, and so on. Make sure to evaluate all those factors completely in order to find the right one from our reviews. Every single one of those saws is going to be a handy tool to carry along for work.

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