Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws 2020 (Top Picks)

Finding the best cordless reciprocating saw on the market, first take a brief look at what exactly it is, and what is it used for? A cordless reciprocating saw is basically an electric saw that can be used for different home improvement projects. Since these saws are capable of cutting through just about any material you can think of, it is one of the best go-to tools for demolition and remodeling projects. With this saw, you can also cut through those wooden logs that have nails embedded in them, which makes evident the power and efficiency of this tool.

In addition to wood, a reciprocating saw also allows you to cut PVC and metals as well, thanks to its incredible versatility and flexibility. Since the tool can easily work in tight spaces, it is widely used by professionals and DIYers for fitting or cutting down windows. It is also the best option to be used to make an indentation on walls say when you need to place wiring during home remodeling, especially in oddly angled spaces. And of course, the saw can also be used to cut tree branches in your yard, which is made possible because of its excellent cutting power and durability.

With so many, and way more, applications, buying the best cordless reciprocating saw could just be the all-in-one tool you need as a DIYer to perform a variety of tasks around your home, or as a professional to carry out renovation or remodeling projects.

5 Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw 2020

In-Depth Reviews of Cordless Reciprocating Saw



As you would be aware, a cordless reciprocating saw is a highly versatile tool that allows you to perform a wide range of tasks, right from trimming branches to cutting PVC pipe and more. If you are on the market looking for a quality saw model in this category, then you should take a look at the DEWALT DCS380B. Widely popular for the quality of their products, DEWALT has been producing some of the incredible saws, and this particular model is definitely among them.

This 20-volt MAX DEWALT DCS380B saw from the brand is basically an upgrade from its previous 18-volt version, and it comes with a 4-position blade. The blade can be easily moved up, down, left, or right, and this capability makes it easy for you to perform difficult cuts. The saw has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches, which delivers faster cutting speeds, as a result of which you will be able to complete your projects quickly. It comes with a variable speed trigger, allowing you to choose between 0 and 3000 strokes per minute (SPM), thus delivering faster cutting speed and providing you with better blade control.

The adjustable shoe on the unit makes the device easy to use, and you also get to gain control over the depth of the cuts you make with the utmost precision. The DCS380B has an over-molded rubber grip that is designed to deliver great control and comfort. Since the shaft of the saw is double oil sealed, you can rely on the product’s durability and the seal also prevents potential contamination. Furthermore, thanks to the 4-position blade clamp, you can change the saw’s blade tool-free. Similar to most other DEWALT products, this one also comes with a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year of free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


2. Black+Decker BDCR20C Recip Saw Cordless

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw

With several decades of experience producing power tools and a whole range of other products, Black & Decker products are known to come as a combination of power, precision, and ergonomics. The BDCR20C is a cordless reciprocating saw from the brand that is designed to be easy to use, regardless of your level of expertise in handling the power tool.

The saw comes with a 5-inch blade but allows you to use a blade that is up to 12 inches in length, which makes it versatile and ideal for a wide range of cutting needs. The pivoting shoe included in the model provides you with more control over the direction of your cuts, and there is also a variable speed trigger that again gives you complete control over the speed of your machine. As you would expect from a quality saw, this model also enables tool-free blade replacements. There is also an electric brake, available to provide you with extra control over the machine.

The BDCR20C has a powerful motor that is capable of delivering up to 3000 strokes per minute; despite its powerful capacity, the machine is still compact enough, which is one of the most vital aspects of any cordless tool and carries an ergonomic design for comfortable use as well. Part of the Black + Decker 20V MAX system, the batteries used in this tool can also be used in various other tools from the brand. All in all, this is a compelling versatile machine that delivers amazing cutting power while also being easy to use. The unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


3. Milwaukee 2621-20 M18 – Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw


Milwaukee is known to be the company to have invented Sawzall, a widely common name used by carpenters and other similar professionals to describe a tool made by several companies. The 2621 model from the brand comes as an updated version of their previous 2620 model, with various updated features and functionalities. The saw comes with an all-metal gearbox, which makes the unit highly durable; what this means is that even if you happen to drop the tool while working, this durable construction will prevent the internal parts from getting damaged.

The compact design of this saw makes storage easy. Also, you can easily carry it along between worksites. The rubber over-mold handle gives an amazing grip, regardless of where you use the saw, eliminating slippage and potential accidents. Furthermore, the way the handle is constructed makes it easy for you to use it for longer durations. With the quick-lock blade clamp, you can easily change blades based on the application, and the internal counterbalance mechanism of the tool reduces vibration when you cut through huge pieces of wood.

The Milwaukee 2621 comes with M18 18V lithium-ion batteries, which can also be used on other tools from the brand. With all of its features and functionalities, this saw is definitely a substantial tool that can handle almost any applications, including tree limbs, plywood, laminate countertops, carpentry, demolition tasks, and also to cut metal and PVC pipes. Despite being a cordless model, this is certainly one of the best cordless reciprocating saws out there that can provide you with as much power as you would expect from a corded saw.


4. Ryobi P515 – Battery Operated Reciprocating Saw


Among the few well-known and reliable brands that are known for their power tools, Ryobi is one of the top ones. The brand offers a couple of saws for users, and the P515 is one of the two. Belonging to the company’s One+ system, the saw is designed to enable comfortable use, and comes with some great features that make it one of the best in the category.

Ideal for hobbyists, building constructors, interior designers, plumbers, and the like, the Ryobi P515 is one of the few lightweight models in this range on the market, and similar to any other saw, this is a perfect tool to be used overhead and in other hard-to-reach areas. The rubber over-mold grip on the saw lets you hold on to the tool even when it gets slippery, thus preventing unforeseen accidents, especially when you are holding it over your head. The anti-vibration handle lets you work in comfort, more accurately, and longer as well. Blade changes with this machine are quick and require no tool.

The saw features a motor that can deliver 3,100 strokes per minute (SPM), has a stroke length of 7/8 inches, and is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery; all of these specs together make this tool a great option to cut through most materials easily and efficiently. More importantly, to make sure that your workpieces don’t get damaged due to the use of the wrong speed, the saw comes with a variable speed trigger, with which you can change the power to suit any particular task.

The Ryobi P515 also has an adjustable pivoting shoe, which helps minimize shocks and vibrations when you make deep cuts with the tool. You can also adjust the shoe’s depth depending on the task at hand.


5. Makita XRJ04Z Cordless Recipro Saw


Makita has long been one of the go-to brands when it comes to power tools, and if you have been looking for a good quality saw, you should check out the XRJ04Z model from the company. Along with its good cutting speed, the saw also features a solid number of useful features, and it happens to be one of the affordable models as well.

The XRJ04Z is one ergonomically designed saw from Makita that comes with a rubberized soft grip handle to provide you with high comfort when you work on your projects. The tool is solidly built, which means you can use it in various environments without having to be concerned about damaging it. The crank mechanism included in the saw reduces vibrations and blade deflections, which is absolutely essential for such a powerful tool.

The saw uses an 18V LXT battery, which is known for its excellent lifespan, charging time, and longevity. Also, the battery can be used with many of the other compatible tools from the brand. With a stroke length of 1-1/4 inches and SPM of up to 2,800, you get to make cuts quickly and efficiently. There is also an electric brake to increase productivity. Furthermore, the saw uses an Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) to improve water and dust resistance when you use the tool in harsh conditions. Overall, if you are looking for a strong tool to help you with your mid-sized projects, you wouldn’t go wrong with the Makita XRJ04Z cordless reciprocating saw. The product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Buyer’s Guide

Cordless reciprocating saws, in comparison with their corded counterparts, are more suitable to cut softer materials, and also when you have to make numerous smaller cuts on a material in different areas. Additionally, these saws are also more portable. As always, there are several models of these saws available in the market, and here is a guide to find the best:


Obviously, the motor is the most essential component of the saw, and in the case of a cordless reciprocating saw, the best option is to look for a model with a brushless motor. Unlike a brushed motor, a brushless motor doesn’t come with cordless brushes or the commutator; it rather uses a small electronic circuit board for energy delivery. Due to the lack of these components, brushless motors happen to be more powerful, deliver optimum performance, are highly efficient, and also have an extended lifespan.

Stroke Length

The term stroke length basically refers to the length at which the saw’s blade travels upward and downward. In general, stroke lengths can range from ¾ inches to 1¼ inches, and the longer the strokes faster will be the cutting and vice versa. You can choose the stroke length of your saw based on the requirements of our projects. There are also some expensive models in the market that come with adjustable stroke length, which will be the best choice for you if you are into remodeling.

Adjustable Shoe

The saw’s shoe is the metal plate that surrounds the blade, the primary role of which is to reduce vibration and stabilize the tool against the workpiece. Having an adjustable shoe gives you different cutting options, by allowing the use of multiple blades at different lengths. Also, it provides you with improved stability and better control when using the saw.

Blade Replacement

No matter how well you store, care for, and maintain your cordless reciprocating saw, its blade will get dull and wear out over time, which is when you will have to replace it. When it comes to blade replacement, look for a saw that enables tool-free blade replacement. For instance, in some models, the blade lock will remain open when twisted and closes automatically when a new blade is inserted. Avoid those blades that still require the use of a tool for blade change.

Variable Speed Trigger

There will be times when you don’t want the saw to perform at its full speed, and it is during those instances where a variable speed trigger comes in handy. Also, some materials cut better at specific speeds. With the trigger, you will be able to choose the right saw speed for the job at hand, thus preventing any potential damage to the saw blade or the workpiece.

Orbital Cutting Action

Known to be the best cutting action, a saw with this feature enables you to cut through materials at a faster rate than when you use any other cutting action. A cordless reciprocating saw with orbital cutting action will be very helpful for you on those projects that cannot be completed with the standard power of the saw.

Battery Voltage

The batteries in these saws come with different voltages, such as 12V, 18V, 20V, and go all the way up to 36V. When it comes to battery voltage, one point to remember is that the higher the voltage, the stronger is the saw. Therefore, before choosing the voltage on a saw, you should first understand the type of jobs you will be working on. Also keep in mind that, as the voltage gets higher, the saw becomes heavier and more complex to use, which means you may not be able to use the tool for longer hours. For instance, if you will be working on a remodeling project all day long, involving the use of a saw, you should go with one that comes with a low voltage battery.


It is in the saw’s nature to cause vibration or pushback when it is in use. This can have a significant impact on the accuracy and quality of the cuts you make, as it can cause a lot of misalignments. To prevent this, many modern saws come with built-in anti-vibration features, which is usually available on the handle where pushbacks usually happen.

Brand and Warranty

Once you determine the various features and qualities you require in your saw, you should then move on to choosing a brand, one that is reliable. Though there are several models offered on the market, not all manufacturers are the same; however, there are a few brands that excel in the quality and efficiency of their saws. Also, in most cases, it is these brands that offer viable warranties as well.

While there are a lot of brands offering different models of saws, you cannot go wrong with those on our list. All of these saws come equipped with the features you would expect from a saw, and at different price ranges to meet your budget.

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