Best Electric Pole Saws (5 Top Picked) – 2020

If you need a saw to cut high trees and also have a lot of other cutting tasks to handle, then you need to find the best electric pole saw. It gives you the ability to stay on the ground without the need for a ladder or stairs. The electric pole saw will cut down your work time drastically, leaving you with a lot of time which you could otherwise use for cleaning and beautification. Also, the electric pole saws are lighter and are typically a chainsaw on a pole.

An efficient and safe way of cutting or trimming down the trees in your backyard or private forest is by using a pole saw. Trying to cut or trim trees using a saw on a ladder is unsafe, and people have witnessed a lot of injuries on that front, which is the reason why experts highly suggest its use. If you are someone who loves to do the cutting and trimming on your own, then an electric pole saw is the perfect pick for you. Finding the right one will help you work efficiently.

When you are in the market to buy the best electric pole saw, you would obviously not want a trial and error method to find yours. Finding the right saw might not be your forte, but in this guide and review, we’d be able to shed some light on all the aspects you need to look at when finding the right saw for you. When you search for one online, you’d end up with a lot of options and they can be confusing. The path to finding your product might lead to frustration and you might end up opting for cutting or trimming professionals, which could cost you more in the long run. To prevent this, the following is the list of some of the best models available on the market:

List of 5 Best Electric Pole Saw

Reviews of Electric Pole Saw 2020

1. Remington RM1025SPS Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw


Remington is one of the leading brands in this segment, mainly because of its rich customer base, and they boast a lot of positive reviews against their name. The RM1025SPS Ranger comes loaded with some of the best-in-class advanced features which you might not be able to find in any other model. It is a 2-in-1 saw, which means it can be used both as a pole saw and a chainsaw, and this option only makes things simpler and more effective for the user. This particular model is an upgraded version of the popular RM1025P Ranger. The flaws that were experienced in the previous model have been ironed out and this model has improved oiler, better handguard, and advanced trigger.

The RM1025SPS Ranger runs on an 8 Amp motor, which is powerful in handling heavy-duty tasks at ease. The model also comes with a low kickback bar and chain that are 10 inches long. You can easily flip and lock the saw, which is one of its strong points. The saw is designed to stay stable throughout its operation and comes with the anti-rotation feature. The device is designed to stay comfortable and the nonslip grip delivers exactly that. The lower and upper aluminum poles are adjustable, as a result of which the saw could reach a length of 15 feet. The pricing is also perfect, which makes it one of the best all-round saws. However, the presence of an auto lubrication system could have made things better, and oil leakage is also one of its drawbacks.


2. Sun Joe SWJ800E Electric Pole Saw


Sun Joe is one of the leading manufacturers of pole saws and they are widely regarded as one of the top brands in this sector. SWJ800E is one of the greatest saws from the brand and the company has priced it perfectly, making it the most desirable budget saw. It uses telescopic design construction, thus in the shortest length setting, you can use it for cutting small branches or logs. You can extend the length of the saw to a maximum of 15 feet, which makes it one of the longest reach capacity pole saws. This allows you to cut down high branches at ease without compromising your safety. The product is designed to cut down branches that are almost 7.5 inches thick. Of all the saws you could find in the market, this is by far the most affordable and delivers smooth performance at the same time.

SWJ800E comes loaded with some of the advanced features, which makes it ideal for both long and shortcutting or trimming tasks. The 6.5 amp motor gives you all the power you need for both long and short heavy-duty jobs. The auto oiler feature helps maintain the saw in the best condition possible. The chain and the bar will be lubricated automatically even during usage, which makes the device stay in an optimum state. This considerably reduces the maintenance costs and increases the longevity of the product. It also comes with a safety ignition switch, which prevents you from accidentally firing the device. There are a few downsides just like most products and in this case – the saw needs to be charged fully for use, and for some users, this might be a bit heavy compared to other products in the market.


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3. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 – Best Electric Pole Saw


Black and Decker is a highly popular manufacturer of saws and has gained an amazing reputation for its various product lines. LPP120 is designed to have an interchangeable battery pack. This means the battery pack in this saw can also be used to run other Black and Decker power tools you might have, such as a drill, chainsaw, garden trimmer, etc. There is no shortage of power even in this interchangeable battery pack system since the 20V Li-ion battery delivers enough power to keep your saw running for long hours. To be precise, in a single full charge, you could cut down almost 100 average-sized pine branches.

The blade size is 8-inches, which can be used to cut down branches that are 6+ inches thick. Another interesting aspect of the 20V Li-ion battery pack is that it has great power retention capacity than any other Ni-Cad battery pack. Unlike some of the electric type of pole saws that are corded, this one is cordless, which makes it easy to carry along, and you need not worry about having a power source nearby. The product can also be disassembled easily so you can store the contents anywhere; this should be perfect for families that are tight on space. With an overall weight of just 6.3 pounds, you should have no problem operating it. The only downside of this product is the plastic handle, which feels flimsy and looks cheap compared to other similar products in this price range.


4. Greenworks 20672 Pole Saw (Electrically Operated)


Greenworks is also one of the household names in the saw industry and this particular cordless model from them is similar to the Black and Decker model we discussed before. It has a 40V 2AH interchangeable battery pack. The Greenworks model of cordless pole saw is one of the well-balanced ones in the market and is made of plastic and a 3-piece aluminum shaft. The 40V power source is extremely flexible and offers a wide working range. If you are having a large landscape to work on, then this is the saw for you. It comes with top of the line features, such as automatic oiler, chain tension adjustment, simple assembly, translucent oil tank, etc. All of these will help you maintain the product properly and also complete your job in an efficient manner.

The overall design of the product and its mechanical equipment is simple and functional at the same time. The saw is affordable and the user can maintain the device all by themselves. You get a battery charger along with the device and there is a charge indicator giving you information on the state of charge, which is really handy. When fully charged, it can run on full power for almost an hour. In a normal power mode setting, you can make it run even more. The safety switch ensures that the device can be switched on or off instantly. It can cut all kinds of wood and even branches that have a diameter of 1/2” to 6”. One major weakness with this product is its reach capacity of just 8 feet, and the design of the motor bracket tends to wear down quickly with regular use.


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5. WORX WG309 Pole Saw (Electric-Powered)


WORX WG309 is a two-in-one saw, just like the Remington RM1025SPS we discussed earlier. It can be used as an electric pole saw, and by removing the pole, it will become a handy lightweight chainsaw. The pole length you get with this product is 8 feet. It comes with features like automatic oiler, tensioning system, and an oil level indicator. The bar is 10 inches long and is powered by an 8 Amp motor. The automatic tensioning system is designed to prolong the life of the chain and bar. The power-on offer is more than enough to cut down all kinds of branches. The oil tank has a capacity of 120ml and the auto lubrication feature makes sure that the saw is maintained in an optimum running condition.

Compared to other gas-powered saws, here you get seamless and consistent power with just a click of a button. The handle is designed ergonomically and can also be rotated. The handle grip is excellent and gives you complete control over the machine. You will not feel tired even after long hours of work using this saw. The pole and the head can be detached from the main part of the saw without the need for any tools. By choosing this product, you are only reducing the need for a separate chainsaw, thereby saving you a lot of money and space. On the negatives, it has a pole length of just 8 feet, which is lower compared to some of the other saws we have discussed so far. The safety features on offer are also very less compared to other products, which again is a drawback.


Buyer’s Guide

When you are in the market looking for a pole saw, you would come across a lot of options, which at times might be confusing. As a property owner, you need to be decisive and your decision-making ability will play a crucial role in finding the perfect saw that fits you the most. An expert professional will not have any problem in finding the best electric pole saw, but for a new and amateur user, this guide will pave the right path to find a suitable one.

Electric Saw

As the name indicates, in this particular one, electrical energy is used to run the system and as you might know, this is clean and green. Using an electric saw means you are doing a world of good for the environment, mainly because it is emission-free. Using such a saw will eliminate the need for gas refills, periodic service, gas exposure complaints, explosive handling, etc., which is why most people opt for an electric tool.

In addition to this, these saws are lightweight, have low maintenance costs, and let you prune, cut or trim instantly by connecting the cord to a power source. Now that we have discussed the saw in general, let us move on and discuss the factors you need to consider before buying the product. The saw you are looking to purchase should meet your requirements and at the same time be right on your budget.

Cordless vs. Corded

The main difference between a corded and cordless pole saw in the electric category is the battery pack. In the corded, you could run the motor by connecting the device to an appropriate power source. In the case of cordless, the rechargeable battery pack should be charged before usage. Both these types have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. If you have no problem setting up a power source, then you could opt for a corded one. On the contrary, if your property doesn’t allow you to set up a power source, then go for a cordless one. Corded saws can be used instantly but cordless one needs charging, which may not be suitable for immediate tasks.

Work Requirements

You need to know your work requirements, such as the power level you need for pruning or trimming. If you are planning on trimming or pruning a lot of areas or cutting a wide branch, then you’d need a high power electric saw; but for small work, a low powered model should be fine.

Reach Range

The reach capacity of the pole saw is one of the important factors to consider. This factor is person-specific, thus you could choose the saw according to your height. The standard reach range is between 10 and 15 feet. You can choose the product that best fits your reach range.

Power Capacity

The power and cutting range is another important factor to consider. Obviously, these saw differ from one another in terms of their power capacity. Different power ranges are meant for different workloads. Most of the pole saws are designed to cut branches that are around 4 or 5 inches soft or hard. By buying one such saw, you could easily perform your task within a short span of time.

Power Source

In the case of electric saws, you need to have a power supply in close proximity, which might not be the case in some properties. Most of the saws in this category come with a cord to reach the power source, so make sure that you have that set up in the first place before making the purchase.

Saw Weight

These pole saws are generally lighter in weight but the weight differs from one particular model or brand to another. Few lightweight models might not be as powerful as you would expect, so be sure to find a perfect balance between weight and power. A lightweight saw is always better since you won’t feel fatigued even after long working hours.

Blade Length

The branches that you are going to cut or trim using the pole saw are going to be of varying sizes. Different blades have different cutting capabilities, and by choosing the right blade length for any particular cutting task, you could achieve the best result. Blade length varies in the range of 4 inches to 10+ inches. These lengths are designed keeping in mind the diameter of the branches that they are intended to cut.


The saw should be designed in such a way that you are able to balance the whole product and perform the cutting or pruning task without facing any hiccups. The pole saw should have a strong grip to have complete control over the saw at all times. Comfortable handling is necessary for both the safety and successful completion of the task.

Chain Tension Adjustability

The tension of the chain determines the ability of the blade to cut. Tension settings should be adjustable because different woods require different settings. Tension level adjustability is available only in a very few types of pole saws. If you are going to cut both hard and softwood, then you definitely need a saw that comes with chain tension adjustability.


There is a wide range of accessories available in the market for a pole saw. If you are planning on buying any of those accessories along with the saw, just make sure that the saw is compatible. In some cases, you can purchase the saw with accessories, whereas in others, you need to purchase them separately. In a special case scenario, you might end up buying an accessory from a different brand to that of the saw you own, and in this case, if the saw is non-compatible, then it will have no use whatsoever.

Pole Construction

This particular factor goes hand in hand with the weight of the product, since saws made of aluminum tend to weigh lighter, and this happens to be the material mostly used in several pole saws models. Try to stick to saws that are made of aluminum in order to achieve great durability, comfort, and control.


Maintenance should not be a great impacting factor since the saws are designed to have low maintenance. But, the blades and chain require regular monitoring. With proper lubrication from time to time, you could certainly make it last longer and work efficiently at the same time.

Home Owner Physique

Your body also plays a major role in making the decision, because in most cases, when you are using a pole saw, you would have to look above your head and manage the device throughout the process, which cannot be to the liking of every individual. You should ask yourself if you could handle the workload, and always make sure to find the one that is comfortable and easy to use.


The manufacturers of these products offer good warranties for their products. Some come with a lifetime warranty while others with a limited warranty. In certain cases, you even have the option of buying an extended warranty by paying a particular amount. Make sure to check the warranty terms on offer by the brand before making your purchase. This could save you a lot of money because any faults that occur during the warranty period will be covered by the manufacturer.

All-round Features

Pole saws come loaded with several features and these specifications do vary from one particular brand or model to another. Make sure to check the features list of the saw, such as its weight, handle quality, power, storage, coverage, etc. Find a product that is able to deliver the best of most of the features in its lineup, which should be a win-win.


Budget matters a lot as well because, at the end of the day, it is your hard-earned money that goes into the purchase. If you have a lot of requirements and are willing to pay for it, then money might not be an issue. A pole saw that fits your budget and work requirements aptly should be your pick.


Most property owners that go for an electric-driven saw will have safety as their number one priority. These saws are safe but that does not mean you could handle them directly with your hands. When you are cutting or pruning or performing even a minor wood job, make sure to wear a helmet, hand gloves, and goggles. Always wear appropriate clothing and never let someone enter your working area. Check the cables and connections before switching on the device and when you switch on, be careful about the kickback.

Poles saws that come under the electric power category are generally lighter, easy to handle, deliver smooth operation, inexpensive, low maintenance, and perfect for a property owner. On the downsides, these saws cannot be used during wet conditions, such as rain or snow, a close power supply access is mandatory, and are also not as powerful as compared to some of the gas models.

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