Top 5 Best Hacksaws 2020 (All Purpose Use)

A hacksaw is basically a hand-powered tool, which has small teeth and is widely used to cut hard materials, such as rods, metal pipes, and plastic too. Despite being a small tool, this one comes in handy to complete various cutting jobs. However, with many electric and battery-powered models having been introduced in the market, not many users have the experience working with a traditional hand-powered handsaw model.

Yes, such new models can certainly be used for several applications you can get done with a traditional hacksaw; however, ask any professional user, and you will understand that this tool still cannot be replaced.

So, if you are looking to add the best hacksaw to your tools collection, you are at the right place, and our reviews of some of the hacksaws available on the market will help you make the right decision.

What is a Hacksaw Used For?

Before moving on to its uses, you should first understand the anatomy of a hacksaw. The basic parts of this tool are the frame, blade, blade tensioner, blade pins, tensioner knob, and D-handle. The tool has its handle and a u-shaped frame at one end, and the pins located at both ends of the frame are what bear the blade. The length of the frame is further extended using the tensioner knob, and one of the highlights of this saw is probably that the blade can be used to cut in both push and pull strokes, based on your preference.

While the best hacksaw is specifically designed to cut through different types of metal, such as rods, pipes, bars, etc. to reach any desired length, it is also used to cut other materials, such as plastic, wood, and more, as mentioned earlier. When it comes to wood, though the tool is capable of sawing wood, it, however, is not the preferred choice of tool for the same. Used in a variety of applications in both households and commercial spaces, a hacksaw performs better at cutting thinner materials rather than thicker ones, due to the possible damage the blade can encounter.

Similar to any other tool, hacksaws are also available with different specifications. You will be able to find saws that are 6 inches in size, and some manufacturers also offer models that can hold blades up to 12 inches. The blade tensioner functionality and handle type can vary from one model to another, and to increase convenience, many brands also offer mini hacksaws. There are also models where the blade can be pivoted to a specific angle to achieve different cuts.

In order for a hacksaw to be considered one of the best, it has to have a durable frame, an ergonomically designed handle, an easily adjustable blade tensioner, and a blade that can be pivoted. Following are some of the best hacksaw models available on the market today:

Top 5 Best Hacksaws 2020

In-Depth Review of Hacksaws

1. DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Hacksaw


DeWalt is a brand that requires very little to absolutely no introduction when it comes to power tools, hand tools, outdoor equipment, accessories, and a lot more. The company’s products have always been known for their high-quality construction, durability, and amazing performance, and the DWHT20547L Hacksaw from the brand is no exception as well. In fact, this is a popular offering from the company and is widely used in different industries by various professionals to get their job done.

From any handheld tool, one of the first things you would look for is compactness and easily manageable weight, which is rightly met by this hacksaw, first thanks to the lightweight yet sturdy construction of its frame. The low profile frame further makes it easy for you to access and cut in tight spaces. Perhaps the highlight of this saw is its blade, which can be easily pivoted to two different angles – 45° and 90°. This enables you to make flush cuts effortlessly.

The 12-inch blade you get in the saw is of high tension, capable of holding up to 330 lbs., which makes it ideal for performing heavy-duty projects as well. The rubberized handle on the hacksaw makes holding and using it really comfortable, even for longer hours. The overall build of the tool is also of high quality, which means it can be used by both DIYers and professionals. And as with most DeWalt products, this one also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


2. Stanley STHT20138 – Best Hacksaw


Operating since 1843, Stanley Tools, widely known as Stanley, is a leading and trustworthy brand that has been offering products suitable for use by both DIY homeowners and professional contractors alike. The brand name is ever synonymous with reliability and quality, and the Stanley STHT20138 High Tensions Hacksaw is an excellent product offering from the company in this category.

For any hacksaw, the blade forms the essential part. With this model from Stanley, what you get is a 12-inch (305mm) blade, with a cutting depth of 4.375 inches. Since the blade has 24 teeth per inch (TPI), it serves to be ideal for cutting any hard object, including those made of metal. This is a fixed-length blade, which is designed to maintain a tension of 225 lbs. Though this number is quite low compared to what the previous hacksaw model on our list is capable of, it is still sufficient to handle most cutting jobs.

The all-metal frame of the hacksaw ensures durability, and the blade can be pivoted to 90° and 180° to make flush cuts, and the bolt that enables you to make this change is easy to use. The full-grip handle, made from a combination of plastic and rubber, is large enough to make it comfortable for you to handle the same for extended durations. With all these features, the Stanley STHT20138 hacksaw would be the best hacksaw to use for small to medium jobs, but it wouldn’t be the right choice for heavy-duty tasks. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


3. Lenox Tools 12132HT50 – 12inch Hacksaw


Operating for more than 100 years, the brand Lenox, or Lenox Tools, markets a wide range of tools that fall under these categories: hand tools, power tool accessories, and industrial saw blades. When you know that a company has been running for so many years, you can rest be assured that the products you buy from them will be of high quality and extremely durable. Now a part of Stanley Black & Decker continues to produce some of the best and useful tools required in many industries.

The 12132HT50, or simply HT50, hacksaw from Lenox Tools is widely considered as a hacksaw of professional quality, thanks mainly to its rigid frame and high-quality blade. Straightaway, the most attractive feature of this hacksaw is the tension of the blade; with the saw’s I-beam construction, the blade is able to attain tension of up to a whopping 50,000 psi, which is definitely the highest tension ever in the category of products. This reduces the blade movement, which means you can easily make straighter and faster cuts without having to worry about twisting or other unforeseen movements.

The hacksaw itself comes with a 12-inch blade with 24 TPI, making it suitable for cutting a wide range of materials. Another interesting feature of this Lenox hacksaw is the ability to store up to five additional 12-inch blades in the I-beam; this is made possible by the hollow construction of the I-beam. In addition, this hacksaw also allows you to use any reciprocating blade from the brand, and use the same as a jab saw to perform plastic, drywall, and plywood cutting. The handle is made of rubber, which gives you sufficient grip to hold and use the tool confidently even in cold and wet conditions. The angles at which the blade can be pivoted in this hacksaw are 45° and 90°, which is of course for flush cutting.

With its amazing blade tension and other incredible features, this hacksaw can help you cut through anything from aluminum, steel, copper, plastic, to a lot more materials, precisely, without issues like blade movement or wandering.


4. Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw


Klein Tools started with pliers as their first product offering, in 1857, and the company’s product lineup has expanded quite a bit over the years. Today, the brand offers customers virtually any type of hand tool you can think of, used in industries such as mining, electronics, and construction. Some of the categories of their products include power tool accessories, plumbing, insulated tools, Jobsite accessories, lineman buckets and accessories, battery-operated tools, sheet metal tools, steel construction tools, and telecom tools. With so much up to their sleeve, this is one brand you can rely on for first-quality products.

This high tension hacksaw from Klein Tools has been designed with professional users in mind. The tool itself is really rugged, perfect for heavy-duty applications, and it comes with an adjustable blade tension of 30,000 psi. This level of tension makes the 12-inch 24 TPI bi-metal blade suitable for fast and accurate cuts. As always, this TPI rate of the blade enables you to easily and quickly cut through a variety of materials, including some of the harder ones. The saw also comes with a 6-inch reciprocating bi-metal saw blade, again with 24 TPI. The design of the saw is in such a way that you can use it even in spots that are hard to reach.

There are two handles on the Klein Tools 702-12 hacksaw model, which are made with industrial-grade aluminum to ensure durability, and they are also rubberized to make handling comfortable, especially during those long working hours. In addition, the rubberized grip gives you a firm hold to the tool, so it doesn’t slip from your hand, thus eliminating unnecessary accidents. The blade can be pivoted to a 45° angle for flush cutting. Unfortunately, the blade storage compartment on the saw seems to be smaller to accommodate additional 12-inch blades, which has been a common complaint among the product’s users.


5. Milwaukee 48-22-0012 Hacksaw


Established in 1924, Milwaukee is yet another popular brand offering a wide range of products, including outdoor power equipment, batteries, chargers, MX FUEL equipment, hand tools, safety solutions, and more. The company is known for its M12 and M18 cordless systems, and the performance of their M12 and M18 FUEL products are known to be incredible.

If you are looking for a compact hacksaw, this option from Milwaukee could be the right one for you. This Milwaukee 48-22-0012 model is just around 5 inches in length and weighs only a few ounces, making it one of the most compact units in the product category. As a result, you can use the tool to work even in the tightest of spaces, which you cannot otherwise reach with any other power tool. While the hacksaw comes with a 10-inch blade, you can adjust its length by pushing it deeper inside the handle, which also makes it more portable. Also, the blade is efficient in cutting through metals like steel, brass, etc., and also wood.

The design of the hacksaw enables you to change the blade without the need for a tool. This can be done by simply flipping down the lever available on the top of the saw, which will release the blade. Its handle is made from plastic; it is ergonomically designed and has a rubber coating to improve grip and increase comfort.



As you can see, hacksaws are available from different brands, with different specifications, and offer different features, all too cater to the carried needs of users working in different industries, and not to forget, home users and DIYers as well. There are models that are highly compact and serve the purpose of reaching cramped areas, and there are models that offer incredible blade tension. Therefore, all that matters are your requirements, your purpose for the saw, the brand you prefer, and your budget. As always, these hacksaws also come with slight faults, but nothing major that could affect their performance, durability, or other aspects in any way.

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