Best Hybrid Table Saw 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The best hybrid table saws come as a combination of the greatest features of a cabinet saw and that of a contractor saw, allowing you to deliver cost-effective yet efficient outcomes on all your woodworking projects. A hybrid table saw has become one of the most commonly used power tools in the workshop of a DIYer or hobbyist, and it is certainly one of the best investments you can make if you are interested in woodworking.

One of the unique features of the best hybrid table saw is that its motor remains inside. Most models these days are designed to be more compact and portable, and it is the performance, power, and smoothness of these saws that make them popular among different users. Since this type of table saw is a combination of a contractor saw and cabinet saw, as mentioned earlier, it will be suitable for working even on bigger projects, which otherwise cannot be completed using a portable saw.

When it comes to power, it has to be mentioned that it is one of the highlighting features of hybrid table saws, which means that you will not have any issues ripping through large, hard, and dense wood pieces. Furthermore, in terms of their pricing, these saws will easily compete with many of the top-end models in the market that come with a hefty price tag, except for the fact that hybrid table saws are rather less expensive. Also, these saws come with internal parts that are known to last longer, making them all the more durable.

So, if you are on the market looking for one, our hybrid table saws reviews covers some of the top models in the category you should take a look at:

List of 7 Best Hybrid Table Saws 2020

Review of the Hybrid Table Saws

1. Shop Fox W1837


Shop Fox is a name known among the woodworker community for the amazing build quality and workmanship of their power tools. The W1837 open-hand hybrid table saw model from the company carries most of the features you would see in other similarly priced models in the category. This machine is one of the bestsellers in the market, which happens to be mainly due to its solid build and longevity. The machine weighs 243 pounds; though this number is average in this saw sector, it still makes it difficult to maneuver the unit. However, thanks to the included caster wheels, you get at least some level of mobility to move the saw around your workshop.

This hybrid table saw from Shop Fox comes with a 2 HP 120V/240V single-phase belt drive induction motor. With this power, the motor enables the saw to rip through almost all types of materials without much hassle. Some of the additional features included in the saw are an enclosed cabinet bottom with a 4-inch dust port, an interchangeable true riving knife, and a built-in mobile base. In terms of safety features, you get a clear blade guard, a riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls. The 4-inch dust chute is able to contain dust to a certain extent, helping keep your workspace clean.

On the whole, the W1837 is an impressive hybrid table saw in terms of performance, and the features it includes provide great value for the amount you pay. This Shop Fox W1837 saw comes with a 2-year warranty.


2. SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Hybrid Table Saw


If you are a professional woodworker or contractor and have quite a large budget, then the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Saw could be the one for you. Yes, this saw comes with a hefty price tag, but the many innovative features that it offers seem to justify the high-end pricing. The design of this hybrid table saw is one of the best of all the different models available today. All the parts are installed conveniently, and the unit can be used for a wide range of applications. The unit weighs 240 pounds, which again is average. However, there are some mobility options you can choose from, which has to be purchased separately.

The motor used here has a power of 1.75 HP, which should be sufficient to carry out most of the cuts you need. However, it has to be mentioned that this is a bit low when compared to the horsepower of the motors in many other models on our list. One huge benefit of this saw is its significant tabletop surface area, which gives you the ability to rip through even larger pieces of wood with ease. The T-Glide Fence System is ideal to carry out professional woodworking jobs, enabling you to achieve the best results regardless of the material you use. The safety mechanisms used in the unit are also some notable advantages. The unit comes with a one-year limited warranty.


3. Grizzly G0771Z – Best Hybrid Table Saw


For any woodworking project, power and durability are the two characteristics you should look for in the power tool you use. The G0771Z Hybrid Table Saw from Grizzly Industrial is one such machine that features all necessary characteristics of a hybrid table saw, including the ability to cut thick materials. Weighing around 286 pounds, this saw certainly isn’t the lightest one around, but it is still pretty light to be moved around within your worksite.

The Grizzly Industrial G0771Z Table Saw has a 2 HP motor, which enables the machine to easily rip through hardwoods or make dado cuts as well. In addition to this powerful motor, the unit also offers a huge rip capacity, which gives you the flexibility to use the saw for a variety of applications and projects. For safety, the unit comes with a riving knife and a clear blade guard, which is the standard in most table saws. Above all, the T-shape fence equipped in the saw is comfortable to use and can be adjusted easily as well, leaving behind highly accurate cuts every single time. Despite its industrial-grade quality and performance, this hybrid table saw is easy to use, and along with its strong features, this is one serious contender on the market. This Grizzly G0771Z saw carries a 1-year warranty.


4. Shop Fox W1851 Table Saw (Hybrid)


Along with some of its counterparts, the W1851 Hybrid Table Saw is one of the most popular models in the category, and this popularity is mainly due to the machine’s attractive pricing. Its hassle-free nature enhances its functionality, making it an ideal model for woodworkers at different skill levels. The table is made from precision-ground cast iron, which makes evident its durability, and the fact that it comes with extension wings gives you more surface area to work with. The saw weighs around 400 pounds, which places it on the heavier side; as a result, you may have to keep it stationary without much flexibility to be moved around, because it doesn’t come with caster wheels or any movable base for that matter.

The Shop Fox W1851 comes with a 2 HP single-phase 110V/220V motor, which gives you sufficient power to carry out all your woodworking projects, including the ability to rip through different types of materials of different sizes. The trunnions in this hybrid table saw are mounted to the cabinet, as a result of which you can expect excellent performance, reduced vibration, and overall, an effective working experience. The blade tilt allows for bevel cuts, compound miters or chamfers, and the machine also comes with some standard safety mechanisms. The W1851 hybrid table saw is very much a high-quality power tool, without much to be concerned about, providing absolute value for your money. Similar to most other models from the brand, this saw also carries a 2-year warranty.


5. RIDGID R4512


The R4512 Table Saw from RIDGID has gained a name to be a dependable hybrid table saw model which is built right and offered with features that appeal to not just novice woodworkers, but also professionals with high demands and expectations for their light-duty projects. This is widely considered as an all-around saw, and despite being a stationary saw model, the machine is fairly portable and compact. This hybrid table saw has a cast iron table, which not only minimizes vibration but also makes the saw balanced and more stable. At around 260 pounds, this saw’s weight puts it in the middle of the pack.

The saw comes with a 13 AMP 120V motor, with a no-load speed of 3,450 RPM, which is strong enough to help you rip through any dense material you need for your project. With a maximum right rip capacity of 30 inches, the saw is suitable for cutting even large materials, such as wooden sheets. Another useful feature you get with this unit is onboard storage, which offers you ample space to store your wrenches, blades, and other tools required for your job. And when it comes to safety, the machine comes with all the standard safety equipment. The RIDGID R4512 comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


6. Shop Fox W1819 Hybrid Table Saw


Yet another reliable hybrid table saw option from Shop Fox, the W1819 is a model that comes with all the right features to make your investment worth it. Quality and performance are two solid characteristics of this table saw, which makes it a great addition to any workshop. The machine comes with a huge cast iron table and wings, giving you ample space to work on your projects. Weighing around 540 pounds, this is rather a stationary saw you can have in your workshop, without being transported to different spots or different jobsites.

The W1819 includes a powerful 3 HP 220V single-phase motor, giving you sufficient power to rip through a wide range of materials of different sizes. The machine’s no-load speed is 4,300 RPM, which again makes it efficient. Some of the prominent features of this saw are riving knife, Camlock T-fence, magnetic switch, heavy cast handwheels, and 4-inch dust collection port. This is one table saw model that comes with a spreader, which basically is a metal plate that is used to prevent any newly cut kerf from pinching the blade’s backside, which in turn leads to kickbacks. The product comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


7. Powermatic PM1000


Whether you are a woodworking hobbyist or a professional, you would be aware of the name Powermatic. They are one of the leading manufacturers of table saws, including hybrid table saws, and their saws are well-known for their amazing longevity, lasting for years more than that of their competitors. Though the company has produced several models, you cannot go wrong with this particular one as well, thanks to its amazing set of features. The machine has a cast iron table, with a large enough workspace to let you do most of your woodworking projects. The unit weighs close to 350 pounds, which makes it a stationary model that cannot be moved around often.

The motor in this hybrid table saw has 1.75 HP power; though this is not the highest motor power we have come across in this category, it is still enough to get your work done. Of course, the saw comes with a blade guard, which requires easy tool-less assembly, maximizes safety and is easy to use as well. Also, the 7” handwheels are ergonomically designed to make it easy for you to adjust the bevel and height of the blade easy. The product comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


Factors to Consider Before Buying

As a casual woodworker, purchasing a hybrid table saw will be one of the big investments, despite its relatively lower price, you make for your at-home workshop. And when you spend anywhere between several hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars on one such equipment, you would naturally want the best.

However, as with any other machinery, there are a lot of factors you need to pay attention to before making your hybrid table saw purchase, because you neither need a machine that doesn’t really meet your requirements nor is cheap to let it go. So, to help you make an informed decision, apart from the reviews given above, we are also listing down the various factors you should consider before your purchase:


The power of a hybrid table saw’s motor is measured in horsepower (HP) and it plays a major role in the functioning of the saw. A machine with more horsepower than what you need will be unstable, and the one with lower horsepower will not be able to deliver the results you expect. In general, the power outputs of most saws’ motors tend to fall between 1.5 HP and 1.75 HP, which is known to be sufficient to rip through hardwood pieces with a thickness of up to 2 inches, ideal for hobbyists or home woodworkers. If you are a professional of the trade and require more horsepower, you will be able to find models that come with up to 5 HP motors.

Smoothness and Accuracy

Of course, your main purpose behind the use of a hybrid table saw is to attain smooth and accurate cuts. Therefore, the machine you choose should come with a capable blade and other features, such as an accurate miter gauge, that enables it to make all the different types of cuts, such as rip cut, beveled cut, and cross-cut.

Safety Features

The safety of you and those around you are of extreme importance when using a hybrid table saw, which means you should look for a machine that provides with different safety features. Two of the most important safety features you should look for are a riving knife and a blade guard. The former is used on a table saw to prevent kickback, but it is something not many models have; therefore, check if the model you choose has one before purchasing. When it comes to the blade guard, check its quality; one that is made of steel is highly preferable.


When it comes to portability, you should understand that hybrid table saws belong to the stationary table saws category, which means you cannot expect an ultraportable model. In general, hybrid table saws weigh even more than 400 pounds. If you choose one such model, keep in mind that moving or transporting the unit will be really difficult. If you need at least some level of flexibility in terms of portability, you should be able to find models that weigh around 250 pounds, and some even less. Therefore, think about your purpose behind the purchase before making your final decision.

Price Range

Hybrid table saws can cost you anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars up to even a thousand dollars, depending on the brand, features, and model (professional or otherwise). People widely believe that a high-priced saw will be of high quality, which actually isn’t really the case. In most cases, the price and quality of a hybrid table saw models have nothing to do with each other. Therefore, when you look at hybrid table saws, make sure that the models you shortlist come with all the features you need, rather than analyzing them based on their price.

Drive Type

In terms of drive, you have two different options to choose from: direct drive and belt drive. A direct drive is where the motor will be directly connected to the blade; this type of connection results in relatively more noise and dust. A belt drive, on the other hand, is where a pulley and belt are used to connect the motor to the blade; this option is known to be more durable and produces more torque as well.

Dust Collection

In order to avoid chaos in your workshop, you should maintain a clean working environment. As you would be aware, a hybrid table saw generate a whole lot of dust and debris, which is why it is essential to look for a model that comes with some form of dust collection methods. Generally, dust collection is not the best feature of this table saw type. However, in recent years, there are a lot of models from different manufacturers that are offered with proper mechanisms for the same. Look for a machine that has a large enough dust chute or dust port.


In terms of accessories, you can have much more than what actually comes with a hybrid table saw. Some of the most common accessories are onboard storage, table extension, wheels, on/off switches, etc. If you go for a relatively affordable unit, it might not come with many of these elements. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose those that will be useful for you. For instance, if you will be moving your saw from one job site to another, you should look for models that come with wheeled bases. Similarly, if you think that you will work better with a larger workspace, choose saws that come with a table extension. In most cases, even if your machine doesn’t come with some of the accessories you need, you can spend some extra money and upgrade the unit by purchasing third party accessories.


Apart from the features you need to look for in a hybrid table saw before purchasing one, it is equally important to read as many hybrid table saws reviews as possible to make sure that you are making a feasible investment. Even if you go through the product description and overview of a model given by the manufacturer, in order to obtain a clear understanding of how the hybrid table saw works in real life, you need to go through reviews from those who have used or tested the product. When you come across bad reviews, see if they are relevant to your applications and decide accordingly.

Our list of the best hybrid table saw will give you an idea of what you can expect from a specific model in terms of features, power, and performance, and make sure that they are indeed a match for your DIY or professional requirements.

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