7 Best Manual Pole Saw for Tree Pruning (Reviews)

Manual pole saw is the tool you will need if you are a gardener and someone who loves their private forest. Branches that are hard to reach can be pruned, trimmed or cut only with the use of a quality tool, and for that, you need to find the best manual pole saw. If you need a more practical tool for cutting down all the high branches in your property, then you should consider having one. This particular type of saw is suitable mainly for performing minor cutting, pruning and trimming tasks all-around your property.

The requirements of every property owner will differ, and so will the type of pole saw that could do the job for you. Different trees have different types of branches and not all of them cut the same way; hence, finding the best manual pole saw and the most suitable one for your needs is crucial. The process of finding the best one is not that simple. But, we are here to help you through the buying process by giving you some valuable guide on buying the right pole saw and also reviews of some of the best models in the market.

Top 5 Best Manual Pole Saw of 2020

1. Milliard Manual Pole saw


Milliard is one of the leading manufacturers of manual pole saws and this particular 6-16 foot extendable saw comes with a 3-sided blade design for precision cutting. It comes with all the features necessary to successfully complete your next pruning job. Some of the feature highlights of this model include the steady pole design, premium-grade blade, revolutionary double tackle compound pulley technology, and an adjustable handle. The double tackle compound pulley technology makes sure that you have no problem whatsoever in handling the saw. You’d feel comfortable to operate this model and even long hours of pruning won’t cause any strain or pain to your arms.

Milliard 6-16 is made of fiberglass, including all its extensions; thus, you have a lightweight, sturdy and strong saw to work with. The premium-grade pruning blade is made of 50C carbon and has a non-stick coating, making it easy to maintain. The pruning head has the capacity to cut branches that are even 1.25 inches thick. The 16 feet extension attachment gives you all the reach you might need to prune high branches. The 3-sided saw blade, which is 14 inches in length and 1.2mm thick, is great for all your cutting needs. The blade is sharpened on all its 3 ends, so you should be able to get precision cuts at ease.


2. Silky 179-39 Hayauchi – Manual Pole Saw


Silky is a well-known name when it comes to pole saws and they have quite a few successful models in their portfolio. This Telescoping Pole Saw has an extension which helps the pole reach almost 21 feet. The Extension range of this particular model is 8 to 21 feet, which in turn means you have a maximum working reach range of 25 feet. The premium-grade blade has a length of 15-2/5 inches and has 5.5 teeth per inch. The operating weight of this model is 6.9 pounds. The branded scabbard comes with the product so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

Silky is a Japanese brand and they use high-quality aluminum in this pole construction, which is great since it is lighter in weight and at the same time easier to handle. The quick removable saw head makes it one of the user-friendly models to own. It has all the features necessary to rank it amongst the best affordable telescoping manual pole saws in the market at the moment. Silky 179-39 has been the number one choice even for professional trimmers and pruners. The saw comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


3. Fiskars 93016059J – Best Manual Pole Saw


Fiskars is another leading pole saw manufacturer, and just like most other products on this list, even this brand has some of the bestselling products in its lineup. The power lever in this unit is perfect for handling some of the complex pruning tasks. The length you could achieve using this model is 7 to 14 feet. The build quality is pretty amazing and for a pole saw that is so affordable, it is a well-priced, feature-loaded model for sure.

Power-Lever technology in such an affordable model speaks volumes about the brand and its quality assurance to its customers. This technology gives you 2 times more cutting strength than the norm. The pruning grade is made of hardened ground steel and is coated to protect it from rusts and cracks. The WoodZig saw blade is 15 inches in diameter and is more than enough to cut even some of the thicker branches. The cutting range delivered by this blade is 1-1/8 inch, which is great for most cutting jobs. The Fiskars 93016059J is one of those saws that comes loaded with all the features necessary to make your pruning and cutting job simpler and efficient than ever before. This model also has a lifetime warranty.


4. Corona TP 6870 MAX Manual Pole Saw


The Corona TP 6870 is one of the best available tree pruning pole saws on the market. If you have a lot of orchard trees at your property, then this is the manual pole saw you need to own. This particular model is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks, as a result of which, it is comparatively heavier than similarly priced models. The ergonomic handle coupled with a foam grip that is 24 inches makes handling a comfortable affair. You can prune and saw using this model just like most of the modern-day saws.

The pole saw offers enough cutting depth to cut branches that are 1 inch in diameter. The razor tooth saw is capable of cutting down branches that are 9 inches or more. The pulley system gives you added support and control to cut through thicker branches without putting any strain on your hand. This can reach up to 14 feet and comes equipped with a twist-lock system which improves stability of the pole saw. The steel blade construction gives it durability and lightweight properties. Since this is one of the affordable and feature-loaded pole saws in the market, it has gained popularity even amongst professional workers.


5. Fiskars 92406935K Manual Pole Saw


The 7.9- to 12-foot reach range of this pole saw is perfect for cutting and pruning shorter, medium, and taller branches, without much effort from your hand or body. Unlike some of the previous models that come with additional rope, this one doesn’t have that; thus, you get to have complete control over the cutting or pruning task you are going to handle. You also get a 15-inch WoodZig blade saw which is more than enough to cut through thicker branches with precision. The pruning blade has a cutting capacity of 1-1/4 inch. The Fiskars 92406935K uses power stroke chain-drive gearing technology, thereby giving you a higher cutting range.

There is an actuating ball located at the pole end which lets you extend your reach even further. The pruning blade is made of hardened steel and is coated with a non-corrosive substance to protect the blade from any physical or environmental damage. This is one of the most affordable and lightweight pruning blades and has nice cutting design characteristics. There are a few durability issues faced by some customers, but that should not be a great issue. The lifetime warranty offered on this product by the brand shows the solid build quality that this pole saw has.


6. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Manual Pole Saw


The Jameson LS-6PKG-6LS is a landscaper type of pole saw and it comes with 3 poles, each of them 6 feet long. This particular saw is perfect for pruning and trimming high branches without any fuss. The 3 poles put together to give you a maximum reach of 18 feet, which is great for cutting and pruning some high branches. It also features a 16-inch tri-cut blade. Most of the manual pole saw models we have reviewed here do not reach 18 inches; therefore, if you have a lot of high trees at your property, then this tool will be a valuable addition to your tools arsenal.

The three poles come loaded with features necessary to complete any pruning duty successfully. The first blade is mounted permanently and comes with a saw blade, whereas the second blade is fiberglass-based. The other two poles come with both female and male ferrules and a rubber base for added grip and control. All these options give you multiple cutting benefits. The ferrules are made of aluminum and come fitted with a leaf spring locking button externally. Durability and ease of handling are the main highlights of this particular pole saw. At an affordable price point that this model is offered, there are hardly any better alternatives.


7. Notch 40207 Manual Pole Saw


Notch 40207 is one of the professional manual poles saw models used mainly by pro gardeners and pruners in the US. It uses interlocking fiberglass poles, which can be set up and operated easily and quickly. The saw uses a 15-inch double thick blade, which is made of SK4 high carbon steel and all the poles put together can reach a maximum of 18 feet reach which should be more than enough for cutting down all the high branches. It comes with corrosion and rust-resistant chrome coating for long-lasting durability. The tooth design supports pull cutting at lightning speeds. The teeth are made of hardened steel and are capable of holding the edge longer than most other models.

Just like most of the pole saws, even this one comes with a hook on its head which helps you pull down fragile branches. The material used in the saw is covered by a limited lifetime warranty assured by the manufacturer. When compared to other similarly priced pole saw models, this one has a lot to bring to the table, making it one of the best saw sets. If you are looking for a professional pole saw model, then this is one of the best choices.


Things to Consider before Buying a Manual Pole Saw

Buying a manual pole saw that fits your budget and requirements is not an easy task. In this guide, we have managed to list out some of the details you need to consider when buying the right manual pole saw. Overhead landscaping can be handled in the best manner possible only with the help of a pole saw. Below are the different factors you need to take into consideration:


Pole length is the most important factor you need to check for in a product before you make the purchase. Every variety of tree has its very own unique growing pattern, with some shorter and some longer, taller and wider. Therefore, the type of trees you have on your property should play a key role in choosing the right pole saw. The length or reach of a pole saw will vary from one model to another. Some come with manual segment extensions, whereas other models are designed with extensions embedded in them. The shortest length you can set on any pole saw is 4 feet and the longest reach varies from one model and brand to another. The reach you need is a personalized aspect, so make sure to check the height you need for your property.


A lightweight manual pole is always the need of the hour, as this gives you great flexibility in controlling the saw during pruning, trimming and cutting. A lightweight and functional manual pole saw is the perfect combo, because using this will not only help you finish the job on time successfully but will cause no hand pain or harm to your body. A saw that causes hand fatigue is not the best suitable model for you.


The material used in designing the manual saw has a vital role to play in its weight and the functionality that it can offer. A pole saw made of aluminum or fiberglass should be your two options, since these are both sturdy and lightweight. The pole material is crucial because that is what the pole is made of and the pole is what you’d control to perform the cutting duties.

An overweight pole will result in the wobble, leading to improper cuts and a lack of efficiency. Similarly, the material should be equally sturdy and strong, which are characteristics of only high-quality material. None of you would want a pole to come falling on you with its blade. The pole connectors, segments and the connection between the pole and blade, everything should be strong and tight.

The aluminum-based pole should be your number one choice, followed by fiberglass. These materials are not only durable, but they are also affordable as well. A strong handle is always great for controlling the pole, so a rubber gripped handle should be perfect for establishing control over the manual pole saw at all times.


The blade used in the manual pole saw is another crucial component, as this is the one coming in direct contact with the branch you are looking to cut or trim. A high-quality metal blade is efficient in delivering a precision cut. SK5 high carbon steel blades are the most widely used blades you’d find in some of the leading pole saws in the market. A blade that has corrosion and dust resistant properties is very important in order for it to stay durable and cut precisely.

Most of the pole saw blades have a coating that prevents them from damages that could occur when coming into contact with a plant or tree. This ensures that the blade stays clean and efficient to make successive cuts. Some even come with hooks at the end of the blade, which can be used to pull branches and trees that hinder the forest in general. Few blade designs come with a scabbard back in order to make sure that it sticks to the branch to complete the cutting process efficiently.

Cutting width that the blade is capable of delivering should also be considered because you’d want a blade that is capable of cutting through even some of the thicker trees. All the feature specifications or any other special feature that some blades have, such as quick release function, should be understood by going through the user manual or product description before buying the product. Any exclusive or specific feature offered by the blade should be in line with your requirements or else there is no point in buying the same.


The property of being versatile is essential, especially in the case of a pole saw. The material used in its construction, weight and build quality of the product will play a huge role in determining the versatility of the saw. A pole saw is said to be versatile if it has all the mandatory features, along with some of the added beneficial aspects which give it the edge. A saw that can perform multiple cutting jobs and is easy to service and maintain is crucial.


This particular aspect is very important for a pole saw because not all products are of high quality. Some might have a sturdy blade, while the same might not have enough grip. Slight niggles and issues here and there in a product are manageable; but, if the quality of the saw is compromised, then you are left with a poor performer. You can check out customer and user reviews to get a clear picture of the quality offered by the product. High-quality manual pole saws always get excellent customer reviews and ratings, so make sure to check that.


The pole saw should be lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Easy to store saws have to be flexible not only in the pole construction but also in every single aspect of the product in general. A branded top-rated pole saw will always possess easy storage property.


Check for warranties offered by the brand on their pole saw models. Different brands and models come with different warranty packages. It is always better to choose a model that has the best warranty package over another since a backup is always appreciated no matter what. The brand warranty gives you peace and confidence in using the saw for cutting, pruning and trimming.


Always make sure to follow safety precautions while working on your private forest using a pole saw. Wear gloves, safety goggles, and all the basic safety gear when you work using the saw. Manual pole saws, in general, are found to be safer and most convenient of all. It is one of the most affordable and feasible options you can have for pruning or cutting your trees. We hope that this article gave you all or most of the information you might ever need if you are looking to purchase the best manual pole saw for your property.

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