10 Best Miter Saw Stands (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Carpenters, furniture makers, contractors, and all other professionals who are reliant on a miter saw for their work will certainly know the importance of having the best miter saw stand. A casual or DIY user might think of this tool as an accessory, but only a professional who is working day in and day out using a miter saw will understand the significance of a reliable and sturdy stand.

A miter saw stand allows you to create a stable workstation to cut longer blocks and sheets of wood, to ensure accuracy, and to make the device portable on the whole.

When you are in the market looking for the best miter saw stand, you must be able to look beyond what the stand is offering i.e. you need to understand your expectations and the kind of work you are going to be handling.

If you are an extensive miter saw user, then you should buy a stand that is versatile, portable, and allows you to make different cuts without any trouble. Some of you might be content with a stand that is compact and easy to setup.

The wide range of miter saw stands available on the market makes the process of finding one really challenging. If you end up purchasing a wrong saw stand, then you’d be forced to deal with stability issues, inaccurate cuts, and end up spending a lot of time setting up and adjusting.

The ability to have it as a stand for your heavy equipment when not in use, cut large chunks of wood, and ease of foldability for transportation, all make it a must-have accessory for your miter saw. Let us have a look at some of the top miter saw stands available on the market right now.

Top 10 Best Miter Saw Stands

1. Makita WST06 Compact Miter Saw Stand


Makita is one of the leading manufacturers in the power tools and accessories business. The WST06 is one of the best miter saw stands in the market. The stand weighs just 33.7 pounds, and the fact that you can carry the saw still attached to the stand is quite amazing.

In terms of design, it uses an aluminum tubular construction, which makes it lighter in weight and portable, which is very important when you are traveling from one job site to another.

The saw mounting assembly, side handle, and the rubber wheels that are larger provide the grip and control required to move the saw from point A to B without causing any damage and without any stress to the user. The extensions allow you to cut around 100-1/2 inches of wooden blocks with ease.

In terms of weight, it can hold a load of around 500 pounds, which is more than enough for most tasks. The bracket levers of the miter saw can be adjusted without any tools, which makes saw removal, installation, and setup less time-consuming. If you are going to handle repetitive cuts, then the aluminum-based feed roller and the adjustable material stop allow you to make consistent accurate cuts.


2. Tomax Miter Saw Stand


Tomax has been manufacturing high-quality reliable tools, blades, and abrasives for over a decade now. This particular miter saw stand has been a preferred option due to its compact design and is the best pick for DIY and woodwork enthusiasts. This might not be the best fit for a professional or extensive woodworker, but should be perfect for handling occasional jobsite tasks. The stand weighs just 22 pounds, making it one of the lightest and easy-to-carry-along saw table.

You can simply fold the table and store it away when not in use. The load-bearing capacity is 330 pounds, so you should be able to mount and work on most of the saws. The leg pad is designed not to slip away, so stability is guaranteed. The extendable arms allow you to stretch the table in order to accommodate large and wider pieces of cutting materials.

The ability to assemble and fold it easily with your bare hands makes it one of the best miter saw stands. Steel construction gives it durability and stability. This particular stand should be a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts and casual cutters who are on a budget.


3. BORA Portamate PM-4000 Miter Saw Stand


BORA Portamate is known for its quality saw tools, stands, and other accessories. The main highlights of this particular stand are its quick foldable feature and quick fix mounting bars. Both of these features allow the user to assemble, disassemble, and start the cutting process at a much better rate.

The tubular steel construction used in the stand gives it the rigidity and strength to support almost 500 pounds, which is great for handling most jobs. The ease of transport, good weight-bearing capacity, and quick setup, all make it one of the best saw stands for contractors.

The powder-coated exterior finish makes it look neat and stunning. The stand weighs just under 30 pounds, which is well in the range for these stands. Another key benefit that you get with the PM-4000 is that the saw mounting is adjustable.

This allows the user to fit other types of portable saws too. The stand table can be stretched all the way up to 1156 inches, allowing you to cut a wide range of materials. It is easy to set the stand at a comfortable height as well, meaning you have a strong yet lightweight miter saw stand.


4. DEWALT DWX723 Miter Saw Stand


DEWALT is one of the highly regarded brands in the saw, tools, and accessories manufacturing business. DWX723 is a heavy-duty saw stand, which allows you to load all types of miter saw models and cutting materials. The stand is made of silver, giving it strength and durability that you need to handle all kinds of jobs, thereby leaving you with a perfect Jobsite saw stand for your miter saw. DWX723 weighs just 35 pounds, so carrying it along wherever you go should not be an issue at all.

The stand can carry a total weight of 500 pounds, which should accommodate even a bulky miter saw and cutting materials. The stand allows you to cut materials that are up to 16 feet since it uses a 5-1/2 inch beam extension. The mounting brackets are designed to be an easy-to-attach feature, thus allowing you to assemble and remove the saw quickly and transport it in no time.

The tool mount is built using non-marring feet, thus ensuring scratch-free operation. This is a great feature, especially for indoor job sites. Simply fold it, store it, and forget it until your next job arrives.


5. Hitachi UU240F


Hitachi Power Tools is now rebranded as Metabo HPT, and those who are not aware of it, please be aware, because you don’t want to leave out a saw stand from one of the top brands like Hitachi. UU240F is constructed using heavy-duty steel, thus making it durable, sturdy, and solid.

This miter saw stand can carry cutting materials and saw, accounting to a total weight of 400 pounds. The extensions are 8 inches in length and this will allow you to extend the length to handle oversized cutting materials.

The UU240F can be used as a stand only for miter saws that are 12 inches and below in size. If you are having one that is higher than this particular size, this stand won’t be of any use. Most miter saws come in the 12-inch range, so this might not be a major drawback.

In order to prevent damage to surfaces, the mounting brackets come with a non-marring rubber material. The quick-release clamp lets you remove the saw from the stand within seconds. The 5-year manufacturer warranty means you have one of the most reliable saws for all your cutting needs.


6. DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand


DEWALT, as you all know, is one of the leading manufacturers of miter saws, stands, tools, and accessories. The DWX726 is a versatile saw stand, a perfect companion for your job site. Compared to all the other stands we have discussed so far, this one has a unique infeed and outfeed adjustable design, thereby giving you the opportunity to cut materials of varying sizes. The mounting rails are also adjustable, meaning you can mount almost any miter saw. For added stability across all surfaces, a stable rubber wheel is provided.

The DWX726 also comes with pneumatic assistance, which allows you to set up the stand within minutes. The wheels and pneumatics make it one of the user-friendly and best miter saw stands in the market right now. The tubular steel construction is quite the norm in most models. This gives it the durability and overall load-bearing capacity of 300 pounds.

The stand weighs around 67 pounds, which might be on the higher end compared to some of the other lightweight and portable models we have discussed so far, but the features that this model comes with make it a desirable buy. A professional wood carpenter would love to have this as the stand for their miter saw.


7. ToughBuilt TB-S600 Miter Saw Stand


ToughBuilt is a business organization that is known for its quality tools, bags, totes, kneepads, sawhorses, and more. The TB-S600, in particular, is a highly compatible miter saw stand and should be a perfect choice for experts, DIYers, and hobbyists alike. Boxed tube frame design gives it stability and durability. Even some bulky miter saws and cutting materials can be handled efficiently with this machine. The stand can be positioned in place and locked using the pedal locking mechanism for achieving solid support.

Once the cutting process is complete, just release the pedal and start rolling to your next Jobsite, or it can be folded and transported at the back of your pickup with the miter saw still mounted on to the stand. It is highly recommended to do so only for short distance travels in order to make sure that the saw and stand are in one piece.

The stand weighs 67.9 pounds, but since it comes with a wheel, you won’t feel the stress of lifting it around. There are extensions on either side of the stand, thereby allowing you to cut materials up to 10 feet. The spare tray is built-in, so you can keep all your tools and accessories in there. If you are looking for a heavy-duty miter saw stand, then this is the one for you.


8. TACKLIFE MSS01A Folding Miter Saw Stand


TACKLIFE is a brand well-known in the tools and accessories business. They are offering high-quality tools and accessories for all types of saws, automotive, and other garden and hand equipment. The MSS01A is one of the affordable and best miter saw stands on the market that acts as a complete solution.

The universal mounting on the stand allows you to fit any type of miter saw.  A couple of mounting brackets allow you to mount and remove most saws. There are hardly any that you won’t be able to fit, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect. The stand can bear a weight of 330 pounds, which is ample. The frame is made of iron, which is given an anti-rust coating.

The overall weight of MSS01A is just 21.6 pounds, so it is lighter than most of the portable miter saw stands. Simply fold the stand with no tools whatsoever and carry it along anywhere you want, such as the convenience it offers. The support rails can be extended to 76-4/5”, allowing you to support some longer cutting materials up to 10 feet.

These support rail arms also come with rollers, so it should make you move the material as you cut easily and without causing any friction. The 2-year product warranty ensures that you have a reliable stand for work.


9. BORA Portamate PM-8000 Stand


BORA branded miter saw tables are of high quality, which is why they are so popular amongst professional carpenters and furniture makers. The PM-8000 is more of a workbench rather than a saw stand. The rolling workbench offers you great stability and control, thereby acting a step higher than most of the miter saw stand models we have discussed so far.

This feature allows you to use it as a saw stand, and when you want to handle other jobs, you can transform it into your workbench. The rotatable mount allows you to flip the table, thereby moving the saw underneath and giving you a clean bench to work on other projects. Tool table adjustments allow you to increase the miter saw height, which is important for longboard cutting tasks. The workbench is 30 inches in size, which is ample for mounting even some of the bulky power tools.

When the wing extensions are fully widespread, the table offers you a space of 7 feet to work on. The wheels are 10” and offer tremendous support and control to move around even on rough surfaces. This is a versatile saw table stand, which can be used for mounting other tabletop power tools, so you get an all-purpose stand in the end.

On top of it, it folds neatly for storage. It can handle loads up to 400 pounds. The workbench weighs around 95 pounds, and considering the stand to workbench transformation, most professionals see the benefits more than the weight.


10. HICO UWC4100


HICO might not be a leading tool and accessory manufacturer, but their UWC series of miter saw stands are quite popular. Here we are going to discuss the UWC4100 miter saw stand. It is available in both small and large sizes. Tubular steel construction with powder coating makes it look attractive, especially in its blue color.

You can mount miter saws, including compound sliding ones that are 12 inches and below. Anything above that won’t fit, so if you own one of this size, look for a different product. It can handle a weight of up to 500 pounds, which is remarkable considering the affordable price tag. The saw mounts are of the quick-fix design, so assembling should not be a problem.

UWC4100 weighs just 33 pounds because of its lightweight steel construction and can be folded into 48” X 10” X 6.5”, so it can be stored away easily. The stand has a working height of 35.8 inches, which is about perfect for working on your miter saw. The four legs come with anti-slip pads for added stability and safety even while working on a rough surface. The table offers you a cutting material support of 81” in length.


Miter Saw Stand Buyer’s Guide

So far, we have discussed in detail about some of the best available miter saw stand models available on the market. Now, in order to find the right miter saw stand for your job, you need to understand some of the important factors that have a major role to play in the buying process. Every single stand comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, but from a buyer’s point of view, it is key to match your job requirements and other user-specific needs with the features offered by the stand. This will help you determine which stand is better for you and which is not.

Stand Size

Professionals handle different types of cutting tasks from time to time, thus a miter saw stand that is capable of providing you the space for handling most of those duties is vital. If you are not worried about transportation, then a bigger miter saw stand should not be an issue. For those who are going to move a lot, a portable, lightweight, and easily maneuverable stand is a must.


If you have bulky miter saw, then you should have a miter saw stand that is capable of supporting the weight of your heavy saw and cutting materials. Some of you might not have an issue with the weight capacity if you are predominantly using the saw for trimming. For those who are cutting larger, wider, and heavier blocks of wood, the capacity the table can handle should be higher. Make sure to understand this because if you end up buying the wrong one, it will create a major safety concern for you and your machinery.


As we have discussed above in some of the miter saws stands, not all are universal. Some of the models can be used for mounting only saws that are 12 inches and below. This might be a problem for those with a bigger miter saw. Make sure to know the size of your miter saw so that you could buy the right miter table saw stand for your work.

Stand Weight

The weight factor of the miter saw stand is a tradeoff because more weight means more stability and rigidity, which is perfect for longer and wider cutting tasks. At the same time, a stand that is heavier will be difficult to carry around. We suggest you go for a lighter weight stand if your miter saw is bulky and the other way around if you need stability.

Durable Construction

The material used in designing the stand should be solid, durable, and long-lasting. You might be working in a harsh construction site, transporting the stand from one location to another quite often and some of you might even work for hours together. Thus, a strong construction is mandatory for making sure that the stand is capable of taking a heavy beating. A portable stand might be the best choice for easy transportation, but don’t bother to overwork it, as it will lead to damages.

Owning a miter saw stand that has a high weight-bearing capacity should give you the option of adding more cutting material weight without damaging the product. Outdoor durability-tested material, such as steel, iron, etc. should be perfect for handling every possible workload that you could throw at it.

Folding Dimensions

Make sure to check for the dimensions of the stand when it is folded because this will give you an idea of the space you might require to store it when not in use. Few models fold so compact that you’d hardly notice that it is a miter saw stand. If you are always working and on the move a lot, then this should not be a major concern.


Affordability has always been the biggest selling point of any miter saw stand model in the market. If money is not an issue, you could go for an expensive model for sure. But, that does not sound great for everyone, which is why the price makes a huge difference when you look to buy a stand. There are quite a few miter saws stands we have discussed above that are both affordable and feature-rich, so if you are tight on budget, consider them seriously.


Make sure to analyze all these different factors before making a purchase. It is to be noted that the best-in-class miter saw stand is not always the one that is expensive or feature-loaded. It is the one that is well suited for your job and purpose. A stand for a professional would be completely different from that of the one for an enthusiast or DIYer. We hope the reviews and guides were a valuable piece of information, helping you make the right decision when it comes to finding the perfect stand.

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