Best Pruning Saws 2020 (Top Picks & Guide)

If you have trees on your property, you would be aware of the obvious benefits that it offers. From adding beauty to your place to keeping the soil together, trees play a vital role both for you and the environment. However, in order for them to keep extending their benefits, you need to keep them attractive as well as healthy. To do this, one of the greatest tools to have is the best pruning saw.

When it comes to pruning, of course, you can use tools like a hand pruner, a lopper to prune those small branches and twigs, or even a chainsaw. But, most of these tools can either be too small or too big to get the job done. This is why having the best pruning saw can be really useful. In fact, it is one of the best tools you can have to clean up your garden, and moreover, its operational cost is much lower than that of tools that are either gas- or electric-powered. In addition to their ability to cut wood, pruning saws also come in handy to reach those areas that you otherwise cannot reach with your other tool, thanks to their curved handle and thin blade.

List of 5 Best Pruning Saws

1. Bahco 396-LAP Pruning Saw


If you are an outdoorsman, spending a lot of time in the woods hiking, hunting, fishing, or engaging in any other outdoor activity, one of the amazing pruning saws you can have is the Bahco 396-LAP. With qualities such as reliability, ease of use, quick, and lightweight, this saw can also be used to prune your garden and is definitely a favorite among many.

The Laplander is one general-purpose pruning saw that is designed to be used for various applications, such as cutting green wood, dry wood, bone, plastic, and more. With its 7½-inch blade and 7 TPI (teeth per inch), the saw is certainly suitable for cutting all the above-mentioned materials. Its XT hardpoint toothing, which is known to be really sharp, is capable of cutting in both directions, making cuts when it is pushed as well as when it is pulled. One huge positive aspect of this pruning saw is that it locks securely both when it is folded inside and when open, which means it doesn’t shake when in use nor does it open accidentally.

The handle of the Bahco 396-LAP is made from 2-component plastic, which does provide a good grip in different weather conditions; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best you can get, because there are models that come with grips made from much more durable materials. The blade, made from heavy gauge steel, is coated for low friction and rust protection, and the teeth properly seasoned, which means they will not go blunt that easily or become dull with normal use. Since the teeth are seasoned, sharpening the blade with your regular sharpening blade or tool may not be possible, which means you will have to replace the blade when necessary, which is, however, very easy to do with the 396-LAP. The product comes with a limited warranty.


2. Corona RS 7265D – Best Pruning Saw

Corona-RS 7265D-pruning-saw

When you are looking for a pruning saw, the Corona RazorTOOTH RS7265D is one of the best models you should take into consideration. This saw is widely known to be one of the most powerful in the category, and in addition to power, this tool is also designed to give importance to safety. It is safe to say that if you are looking for a good quality pruning saw that is also pocket-friendly, this just could be the one you need.

This saw from Corona is available in different blade sizes; the one we are reviewing comes with a 10-inch blade, which is ideal for cutting small- to medium-sized branches, typically ranging from 5 to 6 inches in diameter. The saw blade is made from impulse-hardened high carbon steel, which enables it to remain sharp three-time longer when compared to the standard hardening process, and this happens to be one factor that justifies the price tag of this saw. Again, due to the hardening of the blade, you will not be able to sharpen it when required but can replace the same. The blade on the Corona RazorTOOTH pruning saw has up to six teeth per inch and the blade itself has a curved design, both of which enable you to make faster and smoother cuts than your standard saw.

The handle of this saw looks like it is made from a material that resembles rubber. Since the handle is ergonomically designed, the handle will lay comfortably in your hand, making pruning easier. You also get sufficient gripping power from the handle, and there is also a hook at the end of the handle, which is designed to provide additional stability. The locking mechanism used in this saw is thumb lock, where the lever automatically locks the blade in both open and closed positions.

While the chrome-plated blade has the ability to prevent the formation of rust, you will notice some dullness in the blade with extended use, as the chrome plating starts to wear off. And yes, after the coating wears off completely, the blade will rust. However, by following the care and maintenance instructions given by the manufacturer, you should be able to alleviate this concern. The saw comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


3. FLORA GUARD Folding Pruning Saw


With more than twenty decades of experience in the industry, FLORA GUARD is one company that has been producing some of the best and quality products and has therefore gained quite a good reputation among customers. This saw from the brand is basically a pruning saw that is designed to let you cut through large tree branches without any hassle.

Made from SK-5 high-quality carbon steel, the blade is both corrosion and rust-resistant, which means it can be used in different weather conditions when you are out in the woods camping or hiking. What you get with this pruning saw is a 7.7-inch blade with triple-cut teeth, which are known to be really sharp, durable, and wear-resistant as well, all thanks to the high-frequency treatment they endured. These features of the blade enable it to make fast and smooth cuts.

The FLORA GUARD saw features a non-slip handle that has been ergonomically designed to provide you with a comfortable hold for an extended period of time. Since the handle comes with rubber upholstery and some finger grooves as well, your grip remains strong and comfortable. The handle is equipped with a two-stage safety lock that is really convenient to use; the safety lock helps prevent unforeseen injuries in two different ways: it makes sure that the blade remains firm when it is being used and prevents it from swinging when it is not in use.

The saw is available in three different colors for you to choose from: orange, green, and red, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


4. Samurai Ichiban GC-330-LH Japanese Pruning Saw


Made from and reflecting on the essence of Japan, Samurai Saws are offered as a combination of ancient tradition and modern engineering proficiencies. The company is known for producing a wide range of great pruning tools that are of high quality, owing to the use of premium SK-5 steel, and their products are used widely in both domestic and professional markets.

The Ichiban Curved Pruning Saw from the brand belongs to their GC series, and this is one of the famous curved blade saws in this category and can be used to perform a wide range of pruning tasks. With this saw, you get to choose between different blade sizes, such as 240mm, 270mm, 300mm, and 330mm. The blade is taper ground, which reduces friction and also makes your cuts effortless, fast, and efficient. The blade carries 4mm impulse-hardened teeth, which are razor-sharp and are capable of producing smooth cuts. The precision ground teeth also keep your cuts consistent throughout the pull stroke. And since the blade is curved, the saw will be especially useful when you need to deal with branches above your shoulder height.

This pruning saw features an ergonomically designed soft pistol grip handle, which also has an end stop, to decrease fatigue while improving your pruning efficiency. You also get a scabbard with the saw, which prevents it from getting damaged when not in use. Despite these great features, this pruning saw is not suitable for heavy-duty pruning, and therefore, if you have quite some large branches in your backyard that need pruning, or you know that you will have to deal with some hardwood when you are in the outdoors, this may not be the best saw for you.


5. Könnig Professional Tree Pruning Saw


If you are looking for the best pruning saw to take care of some extensive pruning tasks, the Könnig Professional Heavy Duty Pruning Saw model could meet your expectations. This is the only saw on our list that comes with a 14-inch blade, which straight away makes evident that this saw is designed specifically for massive tasks. The blade on this saw is made from high carbon steel, comes in a versatile design, and is strong enough not just for heavy-duty pruning, but is also suitable for regular landscape pruning. Also, the design of the blade, along with the Japanese tooth design, which is basically a combination of flexibility and strength, enables you to make cuts at great speeds with minimal effort.

The saw handle is made of a non-slip material and ergonomically designed to absorb any vibration, reduce fatigue, and make you feel comfortable while handling it. Also, since the handle is curved, you get to use the saw at a better angle when you need to prune curved thick branches. The saw comes with a polypropylene sheath, which is best known for its durability, and also a detachable belt holder, which you can use to store the saw safely when you need your hands free. There is also a professional scabbard included in the package, which helps keep the blade in optimum condition, without facing any damage, when not in use. And similar to many other models, this pruning saw also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Buyer’s Guide for Finding the Right Pruning Saw

Before moving on to knowing the different factors to consider when choosing a pruning saw, you should first know about the different types of the same available at your disposal.

Pruning Saw Types

The four most common types of pruning saws are straight blade, handheld, pole, and curved blade pruning saws. In addition to differing from each other in terms of their looks, these saws differ in terms of their applications as well.

  • Straight blade pruning saw: As the name indicates, these saws come with a straight blade and are known to be best for pruning sap or greenwood, and usually have 6 or 8 teeth per inch. Though the blade here is straight, their handles, however, are curved, resembling a pistol grip, and are highly comfortable.
  • Handheld pruning saw: The most commonly used type of the four, these pruning saws can be widely seen in homes and nurseries, and can be used both outdoors as well as indoors. In most cases, these saws come with a straight or curved blade.
  • Pole pruning saw: These saws are best suited for those instances when you have to prune branches that are high and hard to reach because they come with a long pole with a blade attached to the end. Some pole saws also come with a rotating blade, allowing you to use the same at an angle.
  • Curved blade pruning saw: Again, as the name suggests, this pruning saw has a curved blade, which is designed to be ideal for cutting tough branches with a single strike. Curved blade saws with fine teeth can be used for home garden and in nurseries.

Once you know the type of pruning saw you want, following are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the one for you:

Build Quality and Durability

Of course, the build quality and durability of your pruning tool is one of the top factors to consider when you purchase one. When it comes to built quality, you should first look at the saw’s handle and the material used to build the same. The handle has to be made from best and high-quality materials like wood, rubber, etc., rather than cheap plastic.

The next point to look at in terms of build quality is the handle’s connection to the blade, which has to be fastened in several places, rather than being hinged in a single spot, in order for it to be durable and last longer.

Not to forget, the material of the blade is equally important as far as durability goes. Some of the toughest materials used for blades are high carbon Japanese steel and tempered steel.

Blade Length

Regardless of the type of pruning saw you choose to buy, the length of the blade is another important aspect to take into account. As a general rule, the blade length of these saws typically falls between 5 and 20 inches, and the longer the blade, the better will be the reach. Additionally, the pruning capacity of longer blades also tends to be higher, and since these blades also deliver longer strokes, you get to make more efficient and smoother cuts.


This is yet another vital factor that you cannot overlook. In terms of the teeth on the blade, you should consider their size and tooth per inch (TPI). In general, the size of the teeth can be classified as fine, medium, large, and extra-large, and their respective TPI are 11, 8.5, 6, and 5.5. While those pruning saws with fine teeth are ideal for making fine cuts, those with extra-large teeth deliver faster and more aggressive cuts than the rest.


To know the right weight for your pruning saw, you should first be aware of the type of branches you will be cutting and also their thickness. Remember that the weight of your saw will have a huge impact on not just the cuts you make, but also on how easy and comfortable it is for you to handle the saw. For instance, if you will be dealing with tree branches that are tougher and thicker, you will do well with one of the many heavy-duty pruning saw models.


As you can see, the products listed above are some of the excellent pruning tools you can find in the market today. With each of those saws coming from different manufacturers, you may have to take a closer look at their features in order to make sure that they are suitable for your specific pruning needs.

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