How Much Power Does The Miter Saw Need?

From the late 1970s, there has been a change in technology that has gradually replaced the manually operated miter saw with the electrically powered ones.

With a powerful motor, cutting edges have become more accurate and fast. If one is looking for simple woodcutting job or giving the wood a perfect shape where a signature of the creator can be observed, then in both the scenarios electrically powered miter saw is required.

Imagine, the more exceptional edges getting the perfect shape with the fast movements of the blades that are the outcome of the high torque generated by the electric motors. Again slow speed with more power is sometimes required for the massive cuts that demand constant, uninterrupted progress.

However, while using an electric power-driven motorized miter saw some points are to be considered. These points are primarily needed to be thought of, for selecting the right kind of tool for your woodworking project.

Points To Consider

The first thing that you need to consider before looking for a tool is what kind of cuts you need to make. It may be a job for heavy workload or the precision cuts. Look for whether you want to buy the corded miter saw that can be plugged in some electrical point or you need to buy a battery-operated miter saw. Also, make sure there is the availability of the electrical power source near the workstation, in case you choose to buy an electric miter saw.

Now before just browsing the shopping websites and purchasing the one with most reviews will not give you the best results. Make sure you are aware of the power, and current required by the miter saw for many the desired cuts. The amount of current needed and the power generated by the power miter saw should be taken into consideration to bring the best results with your tool. This post is all about how much power does different types of miter saws required.

Make sure you read the entire post to get the perfect idea about which saw is best for you.

Deciding The Motor Ampere Of The Miter Saw

Many times, it has been observed that the miter saw is underperforming or not giving the desired output.

Also, some DIYers complain that the energy consumption of the saw is very high for some particular work. These flaws indeed pinch their pocket with higher electricity bills. Usually, one can get the motors which require 15 amperes or10 amperes but can also get 12 amperes, and they are used accordingly depending on the blade size one is using.

The power requirements of the motor should be estimated in such a way so that there is neither wastage nor overutilization of energy hampering the work. Also, while considering the power utilization, make sure the saw doesn’t get heated up fast. For a smooth working experience, the saw might get a little bit heated up, but it should be cooled down rapidly. This practice helps you in increasing the life of your tool and helps you to withdraw the full value from the money invested.

Miter Saw With The 15-Ampere Motor

These types of motors are used in the miter saws that have 12 or 10 inches blades and can work with full force for the massive cuts continuously without interruption.

Overheating is one of the major problems if underrated motors are used for huge cuts and the 15-ampere motors are perfect for overcoming this problem with the generation of more power and providing more torque to rotate the blades.

These types of high ampere motor in miter saw is required to do the toughest jobs keeping the motor cool and at high speed without taking much time. Many saws have electrical brake features that disengage the motor from the blades and stop the rotation to prevent any unintended cut which might otherwise happen considering the rotational speed.

Miter Saw With The 10-Ampere Motor

Whether you want to complete a small woodworking task or wish to reduce your electricity bills, then a 10-ampere motor-powered miter saw is excellent.

Though the professional carpenters or woodworkers prefer the high powered saws, this type of saws is required to do the job that does not need extra power and does not pinch the pocket.

You can make fine cuts precisely with a 10-ampere motor-powered saw as they are easy to control. They are convenient even for newbie woodworking enthusiasts when smaller size blades are used. They can perform almost all the works. Also, always keep in mind – more power does not necessarily mean better work for some specific job.

Other Essential Points

It is to be understood that more ampere or power does not always mean more rpm of the motor. It is the robustness of the motor that is required for the woodwork. Often a 15-ampere motor can have low rpm and a 10 or 12-ampere motor have high rpm. It is the power that is needed to do a particular job with precision and not the ampere of the motor.

If you are looking for maintaining a constant speed, it is always better to go for a miter saw that is electrically powered and has soft-touch technology incorporated. They are belt driven and make less noise yet maintain the steady speed even at a load.

It is better to buy a miter saw that has an advanced laser guide to make precise cuts on hard-to-reach areas. As the electrically powered miter saw produces much dust, a saw with a port to collect dust should be used.


To get that perfect angular cut or the turn of the edges, a miter saw is an ideal tool to use. If it is powered by an electrical motor with appropriate ampere and a proper blade size for the cut that is needed, then nothing is better.

It is the idea of the craftsman that is etched on the wood with these types of electrical saws that ultimately wins the accolades. Choosing the right kind of miter saw not only saves on the budget but also makes it easy to do the job you always dreamed of doing.

There is no need to read the guide for these types of saws manually as there are marks on the saws to give the direction. Be it a professional woodworker or an amateur, motor-powered miter saws are must to have in the closet. Do let us know in the comment, what do you think about this post. Also, if you want us to cover a specific topic, then comment below. We’ll be happy to help you.



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